H3P (The Happy Healthy Heartland Project)

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About Heartland

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Heartland is a conscious community that is being created in the Ozarks.  Its purpose is to provide a safe and supportive place for people to focus on healing themselves, each other, and the planet.  It is also the headquarters for all of the Forgiveness teaching that we do.
One way that healing is facilitated is through the Intensives that are held at Heartland each summer.  People come from all over the world to learn about the Forgiveness process and the many tools that accompany it, and to put their full attention on healing themselves for the length of the Intensive(s) they choose to attend.
The location is key.  The woods give off healing vibrations and Heartland's remoteness allows people to stay focused on their work during the Intensives.  In addition, the air quality is among the best in the whole country.
When people come together to heal, they also provide an excellent support system for each other.  This helps to dramatically speed up the healing process.
Heartland is dedicated to sustainability.  Everything that can be recycled is recycled, what can be safely burned is burned, and all food waste is composted.  We're experimenting with rice hull buildings, which are made from sustainable materials that have excellent insulation and thus save energy.  Additionally, we're in the process of getting approval for a waste treatment system that, unlike septic systems, leaves nothing behind in the Earth, and thus helps to keep the groundwater clean.
The Challenge
The challenge has been the maintenance of Heartland.  In order to use all donations in the best way possible, we don't pay salaries and the community is maintained and improved by volunteers and by those who wish to work in order to pay for their tuition at an Intensive.  The downside is that they often don't have the skills that are needed for many of the projects.  There are currently no skilled people to guide the projects, either.
In addition, financial resources are needed to support the maintenance and continued improvement of Heartland.  Since 9/11, travel has decreased and thus the attendance of the Intensives has dropped, leaving less money available to support Heartland.
The Plan
During the 2013 Laws of Living Intensive, a few of the participants organized what we now call the Happy Healthy Heartland Project, or H3P.  Together, everyone made a list of improvements that they wanted to see at Heartland, and in a second meeting a list of these improvements were chosen to be implemented before June 1, 2014.  Different people volunteered to assist H3P in specific ways according to their skills, ability to travel, and the amount of time and money they had available for the project.
The plan is simple.  First, collect enough funding for a work project, for example, finishing the swimming pool.  Then, those who wished to volunteer would come and complete the swimming pool during a specified time, and then go home.  Meanwhile, more money would be raised for the next project, and when enough was raised, the next project would be carried out.
Below is a picture of the whiteboard after the second meeting.  The notes discuss a general idea of how the project was to start and what will be completed by June 1, 2014.
How You Can Help
What is needed most to get this project rolling is funding.  If you would like to support Heartland, we would greatly appreciate donations to this project.  These will go towards the projects that are listed on the whiteboard image above.  Please spread the word, too.  The more contributions we get, the sooner and the more of these projects can be completed.
In addition, if you choose to attend an Intensive in the future, half of your donation now will go towards your tuition.  So if you donate $80 now, $40 of your tuition will be paid for whenever you choose to attend an Intensive at Heartland, even if it is several years from now.  If you make multiple donations, 50% of each donation will be added towards your future tuition.
Rather than making a single large donation, you may wish to make a recurring, monthly donation of whatever amount you're comfortable contributing.  When you donate, there is an option to make monthly donations in whatever amount you choose.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.
We will keep all of our donors updated as to H3P's progress and results.  Thank you very much for all of your support.
We can also use helping hands.  If you're interested in volunteering time and would be able to go to Heartland to assist with work projects, contact us and ask for more information.
We value and appreciate each and every one of you who support Heartland and the Aramaic process of Forgiveness.  Help us to not only continue to keep Heartland open and running, but to also bring into realization a beautiful collective expression of all those who contribute to it.
If you are interested in being on the Support Team in the future:

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