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Discover Your True Nature… LOVE

The person or event you think ’causes’ pain only surfaces realities that are already within you. They have given you the opportunity to heal . . . Again! We have the tools that will uncover the LOVE that you are.

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The Book: Why Is This Happening To Me… Again?!

Download michael ryce’s book Why Is This Happening To Me…AGAIN?! in several languages. A unique, original synthesis of science, psychology and theology, rich with insights from the ancient Aramaic language and culture.

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Now do Wake-up Sheets on your mobile devices! Download the “Forgiveness: HeartLand Aramaic” App for Android and iPhone and start practicing Forgiveness-On-The-Go!

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Start Your New Life Here!

If you’re new to the process of Forgiveness, this page will give you links to worksheets, valuable articles, and radio shows that walk real people step-by-step through a worksheet!

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MindShifter Radio Show

Learn Forgiveness by listening to real comments and questions recorded live on MindShiftersRadio.
Call-in (563) 999-3581 Every Monday thru Friday: 12:00 – 2:00PM EST

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The Five Aramaic Keys To Life.

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YShua Six Aramaic Keys

Watch & Listen to michael's message recorded via Zoom for Unity of Blue Water, Huron, MI on 08/23/20

Living, Not Saying, The Lord's Prayer

Listen to michael's message recorded at Unity of Wilmingon, NC on 11/30/2014

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Aramaic Fridays

Aramaic Fridays 2014 Radio Shows
2014 MindShifter Radio Shows with Aramaicist Dale Allen Hoffman

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