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2022 Coptic Bring the World Together

We Can Bring the World Together

Over the past 2 years, we’ve seen the worst of humanity.

So many selfish people only interested in what THEY want, and so very few interested in helping those who need it.

As we transition out of the pandemic, we need to find new ways to live together in harmony, evolving as a species into a higher level of spirituality.

How are we to come together if we don’t know who to trust, and whether or not it’s “safe” to come together?

How can we do our part to assist the transition of the world from darkness into light?

What can we do to wake up the rest of humanity to a better way to live together?

All of these questions and a lot more will be answered on January 8th and 9th at an online conference called …

A New Cycle of Awakening: Ancient Wisdoms for a Transitioning World

Join myself and 19 other speakers, all gathered in unity to raise the vibrations of the planet.

Everyone who attends will receive the information, wisdom, and energy boost they need to assist the world transition out of the pandemic into a new era of peace and brotherhood.

To find out more and register your virtual seat, go to:

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