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2022 Reparent Yourself

Bundle ends January 5, 2022 a $2,150 value for only $129

The Reparent Yourself Masterclass Bundle is for you if you are interested in:

  • Breaking free of codependent behaviors
  • Stopping negative generational cycles from passing down
  • Letting go of guilt, shame, or perfectionism
  • Learning to use positive, instead of punitive, relationship strategies (including self-care)

Here are just some of the things you’ll get in the Reparent Yourself Masterclass Bundle:

  • Ten Guided Inner Child Meditations
  • Online Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Guided Art Lessons and Journaling
  • Guided Reiki Meditation
  • 2+ Hours of Healing Harp Music with a certified clinical musician
  • Ayurvedic Cookbook with 50+ Stress-Reducing Recipes
  • “The Developmental Task of Becoming an Adult With Attachment Basics!” by Deirdre Fay, MSW
  • “The Sacred Science of Music & Art”, a webinar with Dr. Anu French, MD
  • Codependence to Interdependence Video
  • plus, plus, plus +++

$2,000+ worth of expert education from world-renowned MDs, therapists, parenting experts, yogis, musicians, and more.

—> at 94% OFF SAVINGS

Act now for lifetime access to these 20+ transformative resources.

This new year, make time for you. Join the Reparent Yourself Masterclass Bundle.

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