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How Do I Love My Neighbor?

The Greeks translated my words as, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I said no such thing! The directive is much more complex. It has not to do with neighbor nor, in any way, ‘loving’ Self!


The words I spoke in my native Aramaic were about maintaining the integrity of the True Self, Love, in an insane, Loveless world. If you have ever held a newborn you have had a taste of Human Life. It is sweetness, it is generosity, it is purity, it IS LOVE. The world has done it’s best to take that away from you by teaching you fear and hostility and that, in order to survive, you needed to act out of its fear and hostility.


Love is a noun, it is what you are, not something you can do. It is your essence and you cannot get it from another! If you try, you will be, “Lookin’ for Love in all the wrong places, Lookin’ for Love in too many faces . . .


What I said was, “Have RAKHMA for neighbor in order to maintain Self. Rakhma is a filter and gateway in the frontal lobes of the brain. It filters out intentions based in fear and hostility and allows ONLY intentions keyed to Love to be used by the mind as raw material. It is also a gateway for the entry of Human Life, Love, into the human form. Without the Presence of Love there is no Human Life!


Rakhma inoculates one against the rage, guilt, fear and blame that has engulfed the world for so long! It us the key to experiencing, continuously the Presence of the Love that we are. You will BE LOVE in the presence of all that happens in your world when you master Rakhma!


I Did Not Say “Love Your Neighbor”

It was more like “Be Love in the presence of your neighbor in order to maintain self!”



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