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Give Sponsorship by clicking on their link(s) and your donation will go into their PayPal account!

Credit or Debit Card, or PayPal Accepted (PayPal is the gateway BUT NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED)

Support Team Annual Update to see just some of what they have accomplished.


The team is listed alphabetically by last name.  Please note when you send money by PayPal please check the option of sending money to friends or family so they do not charge a fee for the service.  If you send as a service or gift they get a percentage of the money sent.



Julie Haverstick, (no PayPal account) so please send checks/money order to:

113 Pacific Drive
Theodosia, MO 65761  

dr. michael ryce & jeanie ryce, go to site Donate page or send checks/money order to:

      P O Box 1901
      Bristol, TN 37621-1901



Or you can send directly via regular USPS mail to the addresses by their name(s)


  1. Thinking about what I want to do, to further support Heartland. The Support team.
    Is there anybody there? Physically,
    Who takes care of the property?
    With all the storms, are the buildings still standing?
    Whats happining with Joe Amsters old place

    1. Hey Ralph, michael has already called you directly with the answers to your questions. Just wanted to say it is good to see you on the show occasionally and great to hear from you. Jeanie

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