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Data Collection/Deletion


We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of all information provided by users of our App and Website. We created the following policy guidelines with a fundamental respect for our users right to privacy to guide our relationships with our users.

Website Privacy Statement

APP (HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness) Privacy Statement & our Meeting Families Policy Requirements

As stated in our Policy Statements, the only data we collect is what you send to us voluntarily either by clicking “Join Our Mailing List” on the Website or when you first sign into the App.  You have the option to click “Save me to Your Mailing List” in the App. Your name, email and (optionally) your phone number are added to our database.  We never share your information, it is solely for our purpose in keeping you up-to-date with the work via newsletters and emails.

This information is collected / stored by Constant Contact, our Digital Marketing Platform, who we use for mass emailing of our newsletters.  Their Privacy Information can be found in their Constant Contact Privacy Center.  Constant Contact states “When acting in this capacity, we process Customer Data on behalf of our Customer, and we have no direct relationship with the end-users who use our Customers’ services or products or visit our Customers’ websites. Constant Contact does not process Customer Data except as provided in our online user agreements with our Customers, available here.  The Customer Data that we handle on behalf of our Customers is not collected on our websites, but rather through our Customers’ independent use of our platform.”

In both cases, website or App, you have two options to have your name, email and phone removed from the mailing list:

  • send your request for us to delete your information from the mailing list (thus from Constant Contact database) by sending an email directly to
  • or if you have received an email/newsletter from us you can scroll to the bottom and click on the “unsubscribe” link

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