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Name that “Drag-on” & “Cling-On”


“Drag-on” & “Cling-on” detection … Emotion-finding, Power-creating Game …

Something has happened. You are not happy about it. Sometimes feelings seem like fiery “drag-ons” waiting to GET YOU. So you stamp them down. The “cling-ons” are the thoughts behind the feelings. We usually never even acknowledge the thoughts. How can you get the “drag-ons” great power? Unravel the problem (and score points) by playing this game.

This process works. The secret is to express your feelings & release your thoughts and judgments and goals. Find & make friends of your “drag-ons & cling-ons”. Remember who you are!

The original NAME THAT DRAGON game was designed by Daniel & JJ Lyman. Adapted from the “Reality Management Worksheets” by dr. michael ryce.

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a game for any age. Fill in as many blanks (grey shaded areas) as you can and score your “Points” in the shaded boxes at the end of each step. Total up your points at the end of each page (Please note the program will total automatically if playing online). Print out your worksheet to keep for future reference.

Remember to breathe! Breathing is the key to your Energy System! ENERGY = POWER




Print out Name That “Drag-on” & “Cling-on” Game Sheet to play manually (this is in pdf format, designed to print on 8-1/2 x 14 paper you may have to change your printer properties).


Play the App on both Android and iPhone (listed as a 3rd part of “HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness” App). LIVE on Android September 3, 2018 and already updated, and set to be LIVE on iPhone the week of September 10, 2018.


Please let us know of any problems you encounter, ~ And thanks for playing!


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