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“What treasures will be found as the very language of Jesus (Y’Shua) is studied can only be imagined.”

A translation of the Aramaic teachings of Jesus into western imagery, such as English, which preserves these psychological distinctions inherent in the words actually used by Y’Shua himself gives to the western mind new and deeper insights into His words. This is a new “evangelion,” new “good news,” for “good news” is the meaning of that splendid Aramaic word applied so many years ago to His teachings. For the first time, the western mind can easily see, hear and understand the psychology taught by Y’Shua.

For currently published work from the Khabouris, you can order the book ENLIGHTENMENT from our catalog or SPECIAL OFFER during this study, make a $26 DONATION (the $1 covers the fee PayPal charges us)  and we will pay Shipping & Handling in USA (will be adjusted for other countries). Be sure in the comments to say it is for the Enlightenment and your name and mailing address.

Check the Be-Attitudes and
Go to Beatitudes page and Listen to MP3s of Radio Shows from December 2021 between Mark Hattas and dr. michael ryce on the Beatitudes and the radio shows of June 13 & 14, 2022 and
radio show on February 22nd 2024 show on Be-Attitude#8.

Be-Attitude Poster: Deep indebtedness and thanks to the scholars of the Yonan Codex Foundation The Be-Attitudes From the Aramaic  Click to download the poster 8-1/2 x 11 size.

Our Study begins LIVE on MindShifters Radio, edited 2nd hour from BlogTalk links below.


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