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Global Online Book Club ACIM

Hear My Voice Global Book Club

  • Time 3:30PM Eastern Time
  • Location in your home via Zoom

Lessons from “A Course In Miracles” with dr. michael ryce, this is a great opportunity to participate with others globally.

Note: michael will co-facilitate on 3rd and 5th (when there is a 5th) Thursday of the month

NEXT meeting(s):
Next meetings will be August 17th and 31st, 2023 at 8:30pm London time – NOTE: 3:30PM Eastern Time

Topic: Hear My Voice Book Club – A Course In Miracles
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Meeting ID: 898 9401 2819
Passcode: 54321

Go to for the Archived ACIM Recordings

Hear My Voice Book Club runs non profit events so everyone can take part regardless of their financial statues.  Hear My Voice YouTube Channel click here
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