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Flyers and Publicity for Travel Workshops/Intensives

Following are flyers and publicity items on the travel workshops. 

Please download and post around town to help us get word out that we are holding workshops in your area. 

Thank you.

 See Schedule.

Our Second ONLINE Intensive is CoDependence to InterDependence & Communication Practicum: 14-weeks from January 27 to April 28, 2021.  LIVE (via ZOOM) Wednesday sessions will be 6:00 – 8:00 PM EST (2 hours) and then 58+ hours of video teaching (self-study).  Live sessions will be recorded and become permanently available as part of the video package.  You will have permanent access to all 86 hours of video instruction and process work.  To see details of what this intensive includes (click here)!

Participants from the first online intensive will be part of this second intensive (as they choose to participate). They will be there as support for each new participant and continue their own process.

If interested please contact michael at 954-205-4996 or Jeanie at Will include 3 Personal Code Evaluations & StillPoint Breathing.  (Download Flyer with Details

An example of the deep process that is possible. During the 2020 Online Intensive one of the topics included opening the space to hear from the life of our ancestors.  Magda shared a letter she wrote, given to her from her grandfather. She read this on the Radio Show December 15, 2020 (listen to the MP3)



2021 HeartLand Season has not been determined …. 2020 Summer Intensives at HeartLand were cancelled due to COVID-19.  However, if you wish to see what was scheduled and the descriptions of each intensive, we are leaving the link to the 2-page flyer active (Download the 2 Page flyer with details!)

Packing List with Arrival/Departure times* and Directions and Local Map (pdf formats)*

*Exception to arrival times listed in above pdf: those coming to Food, Fun, Forgiveness & Work need to arrive the day BEFORE and those coming to the Personal Code Evaluation Training, if flying, need to arrive at SGF as close to 1PM as possible the day BEFORE instead of the first day of training. The PCE is 3 full days. For ALL intensive programs plan to depart SGF after 3PM the last day.



1. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME . . . AGAIN?! Explores human possibilities using the inner principles of Forgiveness, “Response-ability,” Shifting Perception and Personal Empowerment. Tools are presented with which to end recurring life patterns and consciously recreate your life! Powerful tools that are changing our planet!!!

2. COMMUNICATION – DID YOU HEAR WHAT I THINK I SAID? End projection with “Responsibility Communication” and open many doors to resolve issues, free up creativity and bring higher levels of aliveness. A clear, simple system for becoming conscious of and changing life patterns.

3. ON CREATING CONSCIOUSLY – DOORWAY TO ABUNDANCE. A dynamic process for getting clear on what you want and letting go of what you don’t. Attitudes we hold that create our conditions in life will be investigated. The result: significant shifts in achieving wealth and abundance in all areas of life!

4. HEALING THROUGH RELATIONSHIPS. How to form, on a practical level, relationships that nurture and heal rather than reinforce conflict. Experience a new understanding of relationships and the empowerment potential they deliver! If they are the one with the problem, why am I the one with the pain?!

5. PURPOSE, PERSONAL POWER AND COMMITMENT. Bring insights and clarity to your life’s purpose. Learn to align thought, spiritual awareness and commitment in a way that supports personal power. Do this worksheet, be on purpose and watch your creativity explode!

6. EMPOWERED TO HEAL. Did the ARAMAIC culture possess Keys to Wisdom and a sound life/mind management system lost in “modern” times? Explore the “Be-attitudes” — powerful, practical, life transforming revelations from the Aramaic Sermon on the Mount. Recent discoveries in modern medicine are confirming this ancient wisdom that opens previously undreamed of possibilities and empowers each in their self-healing process! Grasp the energy dynamics of the dis-ease/healing process!

7. OPENING THE ENERGY FIELD. A hands-on experience of aligning & opening the body’s “antenna” that provides greater energy flow, profound relaxation and enhances the ability to release.

8. MINDSHIFTERS and STILLPOINT BREATHING. Access deep unconscious dynamics and feel the breath uncover past conditioning and remove limiting realities. Gentle self-help tools that lead to “Connectedness,” self-acceptance and a deepening serenity. One of the most important tools we teach!

9. THE “LIVE-IT” DIET. Growing & preparing live foods is a skill you will achieve. Our food is geared to achieve nutritional vitality in order to reap maximum benefits from the Intensive. We follow the Hippocrates’ program, a step beyond “Fit For Life” See Ann Wigmore’s books.

10. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME..AGAIN?! TEACHERS’ TRAINING. For those who want to deepen their understanding and practice of the Aramaic Forgiveness Process and/or want to teach this work. Certified teachers can have a listing on and have the services of custom flyer preparation and mailing label support. This intensive covers Workshops #1-10. Powerful, practical healing support!

11. CO-DEPENDENCE TO INTER-DEPENDENCE. Uncovers the cause and cure of addiction and shows how to create intimacy in the process! Identify and heal “Power Person” issues at the root of our Personality and Reality Formation Systems. Experience and express your natural birthright — LOVE!

12. LAWS OF LIVING. Synthesizes and integrates deep insight from the fields of law, science, neuro-psychology, Naturopathic Medicine, psychology, nutrition, theology and especially from the Ancient Aramaic language and culture. It identifies the source of fear, anger, depression & guilt and offers tools for healing those destructive stresses. StillPoint Breathing and GETTING THE STRESS YOU NEED! are part of this intensive. Laws of Living has been proclaimed one of the most profound, life-transforming events on the planet! 

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