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Healing Generations

How mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects are all tied together.

HealingGenerations Cover rev

The 1st draft of Jeanie’s new book is printed and being edited March 2024, here is the cover. 


Submitted to Library of Congress 5/6/2016

“Healing Generations,” is nonfiction regarding truths presented of how mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects are all tied together: whatever impacts one impacts the others. Our reality is genetically inherited then amplified by our culture and social environment. Our self-healing process will include the choice to go into our past, no matter how dark it may be, in order to live in the present and move forward instead of the decision to stay in status quo. Without the internal change, one wonders why life isn’t as they say they want it to be. Some of the content is absolutely fiction, made up by my own perceptual reality of what has happened in my own life and my journey toward healing. The subtitle “One Breath at a Time” is exactly how we will heal. This is a process and it won’t happen overnight.

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