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In michael’s words


Love Restored

Love Restored – Blueprint for the Journey Home by dr. michael ryce Listen to michael read the edited version “Love Restored” as recorded in Nashville, TN (mp3 format – Revised music) Previous version Love Mistaken […]

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PowerPoints Explain…

Power Point Presentations (created by Bill Costantino) The Forgiveness Process in Microsoft PowerPoint The Forgiveness YouTube Script The Forgiveness YouTube Presentation with Audio Also on Vimeo PowerPoint Presentation   Testimonial … from a therapist who […]

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With New Eyes

How many remember when you first looked out on a world of conflict and strife and said to yourself, with an absolute knowing, “Life is about something other than this insanity! There is something far […]

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Unquestioned Answers

If you think, “This has nothing to do with me. I’ve never even been in prison or a war, I have nothing to resolve here,” I suggest you think again. This dynamic touches virtually every […]

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On Force

Through our work, we offer tools that have been used by thousands of individuals over the decades. These tools (worksheets, StillPoint breathing, “all of the above,” my pet line in workshops) have healed marriages, families, […]

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The Tools

Tools used to produce a result, produce a result just like the tools. At HeartLand, we offer tools that have been used by thousands of individuals. These tools (worksheets, StillPoint breathing, “all of the above” […]

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In the Trenches

As I contemplate the state of our world, I am transported into a scene recounted in a piece of music entitled Christmas In The Trenches written by J. McCutcheon and performed by a Canadian artist, […]

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An Eye for an Eye…

Mahatma Gandhi made us aware of the ramifications of this deep-seated belief when he stated, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” When we view life through the filter of Love and […]

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