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               Was sold by: The Hippocrates Health Institute around the world!                 

Recommended by: The Ann Wigmore Foundation


(seeds, herbs, wheat grass – simple, all automatic)



Deluxe Seed Sprouter Details:

Dedicated Vegetarians–This unit was developed for the dedicated vegetarian who is seeking a simplified machine with the highest quality, the longest life and the absolute lowest maintenance.

Over 10-years–This unit has been in production for over 10-years with high acclaim as noted above.

Highest quality–This unit has already been proven to be the highest quality automated
home seed sprouter on the market today!

Featured in publications–Including “The Sprout Garden” and sold by “The Hippo crates Health Institute” to their members for 10-years, and recommended by their alumni.

Harvesting features: Ability to harvest 1-tray
(5 lbs. of wheat grass and/or sprouts) every 2 days–PLUS the ability to mix products!


More details specifications: Bottom of page

We are temporarily selling factory direct!

Suggested Retail is $1,795.00*

(Includes NSF 5-micron water filter, light timer and fluorescent light!)

Optional Ultra Violet Filter (which purifies existing water supply) can be purchased.

*add shipping costs

“The best and most highly recommended sprouter on the market today for the serious vegetarian.”


Seed Sprouter shown in use to illustrate wheat grass growth!

Close up view of the wheat grass growth!

Unit shown is a 3-Tray, our new model is the 4-Tray. Are you settling for only partial nutrition with your wheat grass?
With the HeartLand AutoSprout machine you are getting holistic nutrition because you juice the whole plant.
One of the other benefits of juicing the whole plant is that the juice is sweeter and gentler and easier to drink. Tastes better!
Serious about your Health, Nutrition, Diet, Weight-Loss, Whole Foods?
Vegetarian or not, do you want to know more about growing your own sprouts?
Be aware of the benefits to growing/juicing Wheat Grass! Don’t know where to start?
Whether you are experienced or new to seed sprouting, our new booklet on sprouting using the
HeartLand Autosprouter Sprouting Machine will be a guidebook you’ll want to own.
Coming soon – so visit often for more information!
Sprout: alfalfa, barley, beans, buckwheat groats, chick peas, lentils, mung beans, mustard, nuts, oats, rice (wild),
pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, soybeans, wheat berries, wheat grass and much more!
Deluxe Seed Sprouter Countertop Model Detail Specifications:


Overall dimensions are: 

  • 29″ high
  • 28-1/2″ deep
  • 21″ wide

Spec Information:


  • Base is made of long-lasting fiberglass
    with a break resistant poly-carbonate
    clear casing.
  • Unit has 4 removable trays for easy rotation.
  • Potential to harvest every 2 days.
  • Plugs into any 110/125 volt, 15 amp,
    50-60 cycle AC service.
  • Connects to any central water supply.
  • NSF 5 micron in-line water filter included. (see upgrade* below)
  • Light timer and fluorescent light included
  • Unit has a gravity feed drain requiring drain source.
  • Unit is completely self-contained.


*Optional Upgrade:

  • Ultra Violet Filter (which purifies existing water supply) purchased for additional cost.
  • Water chiller is available at a discounted price – may be needed in warmer climates
Additional Specifications and Usage Requirements:


Unit must be in an air conditioned  environment (not recommended for outside/garage use) and kept at an overall temperature between 65 to 80 degrees.


Unit is self-contained  (not recommended placing in window for additional lighting).


Environmental requirements vary from area to are. Accessory water temperature control (in hot areas) may require a water chiller; and areas with wells–may need ultra violet filtration units–call or email for details. Water temps should be 60 to 72 degrees.


Allow a minimum of 8/hours darkness–with no use of grow light. (Maximum light 14/hours/per day.) Ideally, 10/hours/per day with grow light usage.


Units are shipped with special packing material to insure seed sprouter arrives safely at an additional cost.

Only the best quality products are used in the manufacturing of the Deluxe HeartLand AutoSprouter.

Unit is attractive and professional and will display well.

WARNING: Ground fault circuit (GFCI) required at wall receptacle due to water usage with this unit!

To Contact Us:
HeartLand AutoSprout
Phone: (954) 205-4996
273 County Road 638
Theodosia, MO 65761




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