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HeartLand Bell Tower

belltower plans

2018 – 2019 HeartLand is receiving it’s Lighthouse Bell Tower!  

belltower plans  belltower begins
Plans were made for the current bell to be moved into a tower higher than the HeartCenter front porch area and to incorporate the idea of a lighthouse as well. michael found the steel before we left HeartLand in August 2018 and Kathy and Travis began digging for the footer (going through so much rock).
 Lighthouse1  Lighthouse2

With Patrick and Chuck assisting the frame was erected and the bell put in place. It has begun and looks fabulous! 

January 2019, the stone and building of the lighthouse is coming along beautifully!
 BellTowerApril2019  tower almost complete June2019
 April 2019, the structure is on the rise. Looking good. June 2019, complete except for the top cover. Beautiful! 

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