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This Spiritual Work belongs to The Creator. We offer travel workshops free and ask a minimum exchange for Intensives so the work is available to everyone. Please join in empowering us through your Love, donations, tape and book purchases and Intensives at Heartland. We exchange any form of needed property, labor or a POST OFFICE MONEY ORDER.

While Work Month or Work Week has been a part of HeartLand since its beginning in 1989, Jeanie began keeping a more detailed record of the work accomplished by the Support Team from 2006 forward.  See what has transpired each year at HeartLand on the Support Team since 2005.

The Heart Center received a partial new roof and ceiling in 2005, actually the week before michael and Jeanie got married in the center (that was a stressful way to begin the wedding preparations). Thanks to everyone who participated in preparing the land and who worked on the buildings. And thanks to Kevin for his special touch in the garden and in directing the kitchen during WORKMONTH that year and during the other 2005 intensives. Due to a greater demand for us to be on the road we did not do a 2006 Summer Season, however, the HeartLand Support Team continued and accomplished a tremendous amount of work.

michael and jeanie went on the road for 10-months ~ from Sept 2007 – July 2008, thus we had a shorter 27-day Intensive season. However, the Support Team grew to 6 people committed to 14 months support!

The next road tour took michael and jeanie back west for 8-months ~ from November 2008 – June 2009. We had many people show up during work month with several staying from April/May and all through the summer intensives. There were five people on a 6 – 18 month program.

A 4000 square foot organic garden space greets you at the top of the hill on a 9-acre addition to the property, thanks George and Flora for making it possible to acquire the land. Great work on the garden over the past few years Foster, Kevin, Chuck, Magda, Lisa, Karen and everyone else who’s been digging in the earth! We did utilize this garden area in 2009, 2010 & 2011 but not to the extent we would prefer. Part of it was used in 2015-2016 by the Ozark’s Neighborly Exchange to grow sorghum, popcorn and soybeans. Please join the ONE group and visit them on facebook  We would like for the land to be in full swing again but we need additional hands on the Support Team to get it all accomplished.

The 2010 intensive season was revised to 34-days due to a decrease in participation, the fear of the economic crunch seemed to have people frozen from traveling. At one time we had eight people on the Support Team and they were a powerhouse!

In the Fall of 2010, michael and jeanie originally planned to complete two commitments that had been scheduled for two years but were then returning to HeartLand for the winter. Someone else was in charge of this tour! Departing in November 2010 and arriving back in July 2011 just a day before the intensive season began.  We had Chuck & Magda, Susan & Daniel and Michael & Margaret and Richard for work week.

2012 Richard joined David and Julie on the Support Team this year.  2012 Intensive Season Michael & Margaret joined us for work week and the short summer which was changed to only 17-days! But we had a large group in attendance.

2013 the HeartCenter floor tiles were completed. Thanks to Karen, Masa, Sandy, Jerry, David, Jason & Julie.  Minna from Finland came to participate.

2014 we had a roof cave in on one of the storage buildings. Michael C and Amber were back on the support team.

2015 we held all classes in Eternal Support, the HeartCenter had water issues.  Stuart and Scott were early on the team painting the buildings.  Then during FFFW Gail, Michael C, Julie, Jim and Erica did a great job on the team.

2016 FFFW had Ann and her daughter Elisabeth along with Vernie and Julie. Doug and Dianne and Lisa were also great support during the summer.  We now have Dusty and Chrystal as HeartLand residence and their contributions have been priceless!

Have you checked out the HeartLand AutoSprout? Go to HeartLand AutoSprout

If you are a carpenter/builder/handyman and/or can organize and oversee the kitchen activities (we do live and raw food and juicing) or assist with office work, are you ready to take a year off from the world to have the most healing experience of your life? OR are you interested in participating in the 10-day Food, Fun, Forgiveness & Work Program?  If so, contact michael for details.   Click Contact!


Use the links below for a collection of articles, recipes and information from our workshop and Support Team participants. This is a growth in progress area, so check back often for updates. In Ways to Live It, you will find information on how to apply the Tools you will learn at HeartLand to your life. There are articles by Chef Ari and CJ Ryce along with some delicious recipes. Testimonials are provided to give you an idea of how HeartLand is changing people’s lives. Partners in Parenting is presented by CJ Ryce, author and mother dedicated to bringing michael’s message to children of all ages. Support Team pages provides you with articles describing the outcomes of Intensive graduates. Mind Shifters is our support group outreach program. Learn how you can support others and bring the message to your neighborhood! HeartLand Community is our newest project for creating a conscious community and as part of that we have created our new HeartLand Aramaic Mission Vision & Purpose Statement. Would you join with us in holding this vision?


Travel Workshop Schedule / HeartLand Intensive Schedule / Directions & Packing List for HeartLand Intensives

Vision & Purpose Statement / HeartLand Community /  Ways to Live It! / Testimonials

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