Parent Teacher Talk Mondays

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Parent Teacher Talk Radio Mondays - beginning May 5, 2014

Suzanne Tucker, Zen Mommy,, author/creator of My Mommy Manual says:

I believe many things, but if you asked to name just five they would be:

1. I believe in holding on to letting go.

2. I believe that you and I are one.

3. I believe in stillness.

4. I believe that we are here to know and to be known, to share our lives.

5. I believe that where there is love, there is transformation.

The very same things I’ve bumped up against my whole life, things like guilt, belonging and acceptance, in motherhood, take on new meaning and a sort of urgency.

Facing my demons, loving my light, embracing the chaos and accepting the UN-acceptable as “mom” has led me closer to what I understand to be my life purpose. To know and love myself.

Go to "How Parenting Helps Me Grow," read this powerful article then listen to the conversation with Suzanne Tucker, Dr. Tim Hayes, Julie Haverstick and dr. michael ryce on MindShifter Radio Show May 5th ... this is the beginning of Parent Teacher Talk Radio every Monday.