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Apps & more

The Android version is LIVE in Google PlayStore and the iPhone version is LIVE in the Apple iTunes Store

HeartLight "Forgiveness: HeartLand Aramaic"

Online Worksheet is currently set on Jeanie's website "".

Both the online version and the App offers the Current 7-step Wake-up Sheet
and an abbreviated version Jeanie uses in the women's intensives and The Drag-on Cling-on Game"

Give it a try and offer feedback!

Privacy Policy: If you check 'save to our mailing list' ONLY your name, email and phone will be sent to us and we will add you to our database.
If you do not check it then it is discarded with your WakeUp Sheet. There is no way to set up an account through this app.  Your information
is totally private! NO ONE has access to any work that you do on this APP, it is accessible only to you. We do not store it in any way.  IF you
choose to save the PDF, the WakeUp Sheet will be saved ONLY TO YOUR DEVICE. When you close a WakeUp Sheet it is deleted and
cannot be recovered by anyone through this app.