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Apps and More

This is just another level of the work, help us get the word out.

 HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness App

 Now do the wake-up sheets on your cell.  


The Android version is LIVE in Google PlayStore

and the i-Phone version is LIVE in the Apple iTunes Store


"Forgiveness: HeartLand Aramaic"

The Unfathomable Miracle

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E-Newsletters are Here!


from dr. michael and jeanie ryce, HeartLand


We have begun using an email / marketing manager system to send out electronic email newsletters. Several addresses have bounced back due to being reported as an incorrect or invalid email and some have been flagged as suspended or not

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We are beginning a new way of promoting the work through Pinterest

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Ancient Graffiti is Aramaic

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Ancient Graffiti is Aramaic

Archaeologists Unscramble Ancient Graffiti In Israel by Jacki Lyden            June 18, 2011

(MP3 of Aramaic Graffiti)

Aramaic is the lingua franca of the ancient Middle East, the linguistic root of modern day Hebrew and Arabic.

"Once you understand Aramaic," says Karen Stern, "you can read anything. You can read Hebrew, you

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Possibility Wednesday

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Possibility Wednesday


Possibility Wednesday with Dora Farnesi

(formerly called Unstuck Wednesday or Break Through Wednesday)


Every Wednesday we ask that everyone do at least one of their daily worksheets on the "Possibilities" before us.  This began with the idea that so many people on the planet are stuck.  They need

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Parent Teacher Talk Mondays

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Parent Teacher Talk Mondays

Parent Teacher Talk Radio Mondays - beginning May 5, 2014

Suzanne Tucker, Zen Mommy,, author/creator of My Mommy Manual says:

I believe many things, but if you asked to name just five they would be:

1. I believe in holding on to letting go.

2. I believe

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Please visit us at the following three Facebook sites and tell your friends about it as well. This is just another level of getting the word out.

Why Facebook: Why Is This Happening To Me ... AGAIN?!
Khabouris Facebook: Khabouris Manuscript
MindShifters Radio: The Forgiveness Doctor

Personal FB

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Latest News - Come Back Often!

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Latest News - Come Back Often!


Unity of Blue Water in Port Huron, MI - michael will be doing the Sunday Morning Service, August 23rd, 2020 at 10:30 EST - please join just a few minutes early. They will stream on facebook as well. Here is the link to the Zoom meeting: if

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Greetings ...

   My name is Mizrin. You can read about me in CJ Ryce's book, Napsha - the miracle dragon.
   Check out the slideshow. You'll see seven samples of full-page illustrations along with story excerpts. Surf through the pages to find a deeper meaning, hidden between the lines of

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THE ABUNDANCE BLESSING! - blessing michael uses at the end of a workshop
THE ROSE & THE BUTTERFLY! - story used in the Forgiveness worksheet
THE SNOWFLAKE revised January 2012

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