Work-it-out with your best friend

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"Whatever your experience of life is, every reality in your mind is changeable. You cannot directly change what happens in the outer world. People become frustrated and uptight when they continuously try to control life. The way to change the outer world is through indirect influence—by changing the realities in your mind you shift your whole energy field. When you do, the whole pattern of your life shifts and the ripple effect changes everything you attract. If abundance is your issue, pennies turn into dollars! The traditional translations of the Scriptures speak of the fall of man. In the Aramaic , that text refers not to a fall, but, instead says, 'man forgot how to live in abundance.' Heal the poverty realities in your mind, whatever the form of poverty—relationship, money, work, joy , health or abundance—and a change in outer circumstance is pulled in automatically through the Law of Resonance."

"Okay, I understand what it is we are about to do. Now I pick a topic? What kind of topics are fair game for a worksheet?"

"You can do a worksheet on any person, place, thing or event that resonates a painful reality in you. It can be a present moment event or something from your past or even a future, anticipated event. You can also use your own emotions or yourself as the subject of a worksheet."

"I could do a worksheet on conflict with women. I've had conflict with my mom, my sister and almost every woman with whom I've ever had a relationship , including waitresses!"

"That covers a lot of territory, Richard. I would suggest you be very specific and choose a mildly disturbing topic for your early worksheets. A narrowly defined subject will produce the best results," I recommended. "Also, Forgiveness, like any other skill, is developed through practice. The first time you use this tool, it is best to start with something a little easier than your biggest issue in life. Your lifelong issues tend to have a lot of unconsciousness attached to them, and it is best if you can start with something small enough that you can stay relatively conscious. As you build your strength through doing Reality Management Sheets, you can move to the bigger situations in your life."

"I suggest you keep a journal of your work and an ongoing list of 'worksheets to be done.' You will probably find it productive to do many sheets around your conflict with women."

He was deep in thought before he spoke. "A worksheet on being close to my sister, Amy, might be a good starting point. It seems being close to people is a little less of an issue than conflict with women, though that is still a fairly big issue for me."

"Normally I would suggest you wait until you have used the worksheets for a while before tackling that kind of issue. Since we are doing this together and you have support rather than doing it by yourself, let's go ahead and start by filling out the date and sheet number."