Work-it-out with your best friend

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Richard swelled with emotion again. "I can't believe what I've done—and I've beat everyone else up for what I've been doing to them all my life. I don't know if I can handle this."

"There is nothing to handle. True Forgiveness is not something you do. You simply open the door, and if you allow it to remain open Love does the rest. Just breathe and the energy will move. Remember—healing happens!" Several moments passed as Richard went through waves of emotion.

"What do I do with all of these feelings?" "

Just be with them. It is safe to feel everything inside you. Your job is to open the door and hold the space. Think of our earlier definition of processing . It is the capacity to hold Love Conscious, Active and Present when anything less than Love surfaces. You've gotten in touch with some of the issues that your mind hides. You opened the space for that to happen when you canceled or Forgave your need for what you wanted. This is the result of True Forgiveness!

"By canceling, you allowed the file in your mind that kept issues hidden from your awareness to open. When these issues surfaced and were exposed to Love , the Truth became available to you and you began to let go—heal—these long-held painful realities . This is how healing looks! You will no longer have to carry these burdens. Your life will change as a result of the process you just went through. I stress , as strongly as I can, that this is the effect of canceling your need for what you want, which is the key to opening the whole healing process !"

Richard regained his composure. "Where did that come from? I didn't expect such a powerful upheaval. Do I feel relieved! I'm going to think about this for a long, long time . I don't know what to say, I'm a little embarrassed."

"Sounds like another worksheet. I support you in letting go of embarrassment. What you just went through is right on target. It's what our culture inhibits us from doing, especially as men— looking at, feeling and dealing with the insanity we go through in life. Our culture has warned us not to open 'Pandora's Box,' but they did not tell us that if we never look into and clean out Pandora's Box our lives will become like its contents. Can you see how the theme of what you have just uncovered has run through your whole life?"

"It has not run through my whole life, michael, it has run my whole life. That experience and the decisions I made to protect myself from getting hurt again have been at the root of every relationship interaction I have ever had! I'm ready to re-create my life differently. It is safe to Love and I'm going to do it! Nothing can stop me now!"