Work-it-out with your best friend

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"Let's look at Step 2, where you acknowledge that:

2. Punishment and blame are not my friends. I now choose to be responsible ( ).(BREATHE)

"Remember, the mind always believes it's right. In Step 3, it is time to put aside being right and acknowledge that even if you are right, the way you are feeling is self-destructive and it is time to let go of those feelings ."

"Wait a minute, michael, this sounds like I have to give in to people even when I know they are wrong. Being a doormat doesn't sound any more appealing than having destructive energies rolling around inside of me."

"Remember, Richard, this is about healing the destructive energies we carry AND holding others accountable for their behaviors. Through Forgiveness, we will be able to hold others and ourselves accountable from a clear, functional mind and Loving space that supports relationship rather than creating separation.

"As you fill in the blank with your answers from Step 1, check off the boxes and at the same time think the release thought or speak it out loud, if practical."

3. I want to feel better. I let go of —my feelings (1B)( ) —my thought (1C)( ) —my need to punish by (1D)( ) —and my need to be right ( ) (BREATHE)

3. I want to feel better. I let go of my feeling of (1B) anger - my thought that (1C) Amy had it easy, I never had it so good! I let go of my need to be right and punish by (1D) yelling and getting rid of her.

"Why would I want to release my thoughts?" Richard asked.

"If you inflict pain on yourself with a thought, you let go of it so you can heal. If there is rage or fear in you as a result of that thought, it is your work to heal the rage and fear. Remember, you get the original, she gets the carbon copy. Many of us have been taught we need to be angry to get what we want. In Truth, getting what you want is easier to create from a space of peace and clarity than from a space of anger. You also get to release the stress of the anger held in your body and achieve higher states of health and aliveness in the process . Health is not the condition of being free of symptoms . In this work we define Health as the state of Conscious, Active, Present Love. An absence of that state is dis-ease and the beginning of all organic degeneration.

"Other benefits of letting go of disturbing thoughts are that you will have peace of mind and your mind will no longer need to create scenarios that justify your being angry." He seemed satisfied that these ideas made sense and relaxed more with each step of the worksheet. The resistance that had shown up time and again earlier in the day vanished. I think it was a relief for both of us. Working with someone who is willing certainly is easier."