10 January 2014
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Detoxing is the removal of toxins from the body.  This incorporates making a change in what one consumes (junk food, dairy, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc) and can also include more indepth processes.  Some of our personal "favorites" (if detoxing can be classified as a favorite activity) are as follows:


Master Cleanse (Kidney Flush)
Kidney Flush and the Master Cleanse - this recipe can be used as a kidney flush or as a 7 or 14 day cleanse.(pdf format)


Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanse Information - save your organs and improve their function
Gallbladder Liver Flush we use most often (pdf format)
Epsom Salts, Dr. Huldas' Liver / Gallbladder Cleanse (pdf format)
How To Detoxify Your Liver / Gallbladder (pdf format)
Reversing Liver Damage, Tetri, MD - Fast Food Effects (pdf format)
Why Detoxify Your Liver, Jon Barron (pdf format)


We have personally done the Arise and Shine 28-day Bowel Cleanse Program (with Psyllium, Bentonite, ProBotics and Herbs) which definitely takes cleansing to another level.


A series of colonics along with a good cleanse program aids the flush of the large intestines too.