MindShifter® Support Group Guides

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Locations - View a list of MindShifter Support Groups - maybe there's a meeting near you!

General guidelines and suggestions for starting a Support Group - venue, format, facilitating, etc. (PDF format)

Reality Management Worksheet "stuck points" and suggestions for moving through (PDF format)

michael and Jeanie's suggestions to facilitators - what to do when issues arise within the Support Group (PDF format)

Connected, Congruent and Flowing - Blog about the Mindshifters Support Group and Other Therapies which incorporate mind/body connection to help people achieve desired results. Facilitated by Timothy J. Hayes, Psy. D, Crystal Lake, IL - join us!

Suggestion for teaching the Mind Goal Management worksheet in the Support Group (PDF format)

Suggestions for conducting Mindshifter & StillPoint Breathing Workshop - written by Sandra & William Kettle, teachers of the work of dr. michael ryce (PDF format)

Further MindShifter Support Group information under Happenings 

Letters from those active in support groups

Frequently Asked Questions