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How is everyone doing after the 9-day Why and 9-day Teachers' Training?

Jeanie on Sunday, August 12 2012, 11:21 PM
Just checking...we had 30 participants for both the 9-day Why and the 9-day Teachers' Training and the energy was rocking. How is everyone doing now that you are back home?
  • Replied by Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D. on Wednesday, August 15 2012, 06:29 PM · Hide · #1
    I am doing well. We had our Mindshiftters group last night and watched the second half of "Getting The Stress You Need".
    People were thrilled to hear about the intensive experience and all the wonderful healing that took place.
    We are looking for somone to step up and moderate a Mindshifter Support Group in Cary, IL as the two people who were doing that are now off to other activities.
    I was thrilled to hear about Julio's work since he returned home to read The Commitment to his father and how that has led to some major shifting and healing for both Julio and his father.
    Sending Love,
    Dr. Tim
  • Replied by Susan on Saturday, September 01 2012, 08:57 PM · Hide · #2
    I am so grateful to have had the experience at HeartLand and right now just want to go back and rest! Rest in that beautiful space and energy that was created there with all of those amazing people I had the honor to meet and know. I had visions of never leaving, getting someone to sell everything I own and staying there forever. But I didn't, and so now I suppose the "real" learning process for me is happening here in the "real" world, to create that space in my own life and keep that connection in my daily life, which so far has been a challenge.

    The most important tool I was given and use are the agreements I made with my new friends from HeartLand, Marylou and Magdalena. These agreements are a huge part of what has kept me doing the work and staying connected! I made an agreement with Marylou, my partner from the intensives, to do 1 worksheet a day and contact her daily to inform her of the completion of my goal. I also made an agreement with Magda to cancel my goals every night before going to sleep, and contact her daily to inform her of my completion of my goal. I have kept these agreements, pretty much. Some days I do more worksheets, and I have only missed one day not doing one at all.

    I also chat with my new friends pretty regularly, which helps so much!! I am doing commitments to myself and my husband daily, well, almost daily, and some love exchanges with my pets, my husband and my friends far away. And I Breathe! Which I have so far found is the easiest thing to do, for at least 5 minutes every morning when I wake up and every evening before I go to sleep.

    Thank you michael and Jeanie for the opportunity, the work, the radio show, your willingness for this new website and everything else. Thank you Marie-Josee for initiating the new website (and along with it, this forum)! You started the ball rolling that took Daniel and I to HeartLand to do the intensives! And thank you Husband, Marylou, and Magda, for being the loving support I need every day.

    I guess this is what learning looks like!
    Sending Love!
    Replied by Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D. on Wednesday, September 19 2012, 05:15 PM · Hide · #3
    Beautifully written Susan. Thanks for posting this summary of the intensive experience. I am also very grateful for the loving work done and the new connections made at this intensive.
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