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Integrating this work into what I already teach ...

I'm an artist and have taught many painting workshops and given many artist presentations. In my presentations, I share an honest look at the progression of my art as it has paralleled my understanding and practice of michael's work since I started using his tools in 2004 and prior to using his tools. I have naturally integrated this work into my presentations and painting workshops over the years, but not in the direct experiential way that michael and Rex teach this work. When I came to Rex and michael to learn this work, I was actively looking to heal and change my life and improvements in my painting was the byproduct, but when my students come to me, they are actively looking to paint better or rekindle creativity in their life. Even if at a deeper level they are looking to heal and change their life, it has seemed to me more appropriate to introduce michael's work as an integrated part of the process of learning to paint or awaken creativity.

I have been leaning toward teaching michael's work more directly while still using art as my language or medium for teaching. Can someone provide me support or suggestions on how to fully go about this?
  • Replied by Julie from Ashland Oregon on Thursday, November 08 2012, 07:36 PM · Hide · #1
    Hi Tony!!
    Finally I am responding!! I hope you'll be checking for this and that you will get it.

    I am a musician. I teach piano lessons, and play "original", improvised, piano music. I too, have had a feeling, FOR A LONG TIME, that music could be used in some sort of collective-leveraging manner, of the forgiveness process. Perhaps we can join together on a project.

    It would be nice to discuss this further with you in person, by phone, or Skype. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    I"d love to hear from you.

    Julie M.
    Replied by Susan on Tuesday, November 20 2012, 08:07 PM · Hide · #2
    Hi Tony! I've been wanting to respond to you since you wrote this and never felt like I had any insights to share.

    Julie and I were speaking the other day about doing our part to heal the planet and I had the thought that maybe there's a way I could incorporate Forgiveness into a non-profit group I work with. So last night I had a meeting with another board member. I was not consciously thinking about incorporating Forgiveness into the conversation but as we were wrapping things up, I had this realization that I need to take responsibility for MY part of what is going on, what I see as a goal for the organization, and detach from the goal of changing everyone else's position. All of the sudden it felt like everything shifted and I ended up in a very peaceful place. Then my friend said that she'd love to hear more about what Daniel and I learned in Missouri.

    So I usually take the time during my morning breathing to do a Love exchange with my friends, family, neighborhood, the town where I live, another local town, etc...and then recite the commitment to everyone, everything and the planet. Well, this morning I had the insight to direct some energy to the non-profit as well. Then the insight came that maybe that is the best first step. Do a Love exchange and say The Commitment. And I thought of you. If I can hold whatever I work with in a space of love, naturally my innate intelligence will open up the possibilities that are available. I do not know how or when it will happen, but as long as I am willing, the answer will fall effortlessly into place, as if it were a piece of a puzzle.

    I don't think that this is actually the information you were looking for, but maybe it is the first step.

    Now that I read this and your original email, I have no idea why to send this your way, as you already seem to be on the track, but I will trust that there is some reason I thought of you this morning and share this anyway. Maybe it's for someone else.

    Sending Love,

    p.s. I would love to hear if you and Julie have come up with any ideas. It would also be great to share on the forum so that it will be available to others.
    Sending Love!
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