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Where do intentions fit in the Mind/Goal Management worksheet? I've heard michael talk about intentions - I see on The Functioning of the Human Mind diagram that my intentions are filtered through Rakhma - but it's not really identified on the Mind/Goal Management worksheet.
Sending Love!
    Replied by Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D. on Monday, October 08 2012, 03:41 PM · Hide · #1
    Good question!
    Intentions are like thoughts. You can have an unlimited number of them and they can change rapidly. When you choose to set Rakhma in your mind, you activate in a filter in your mind over intentions which allows only intentions keyed to Love to be used as the building blocks of your goals.

    A goal is an intention which you have decided to commit your mind energy and physical energy to in order to have it drive your behavior. We can have countless intentions but unless we elevate one of them to the level of a goal by making a commitment to act on it, it will not influence our behaviors. Only goals influence behaviors, which is why they say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." I can have countless intentions to do good things, but unless I commit to an intention to do a good thing and in so doing elevate that intention to a goal in my mind, that intention will never influence my behavior.

    The mind/goal management sheet is based on the knowledge that only goals influence our behaviors, and it sets out a simple but powerful system to ensure that we choose only intentions keyed to Love to be elevated to the level of a goal. That way only intentions keyed to Love will influence our behaviors, since only goals drive our behaviors.

    I hope this helps!
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