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I’ve been staying with my mom for several weeks. There is no doubt that she is my power person. I have noticed in myself her stubbornness, her lack of trust, her needing to be perfect, how she walks away from uncomfortable situations, and on and on. The other night my husband was telling her about the things we learned at HeartLand during this summer’s intensives. She tuned him out even though he kept talking. I stopped telling her anything that is really important to me…well, I don’t know how long ago. My mom wears hearing aids. So did her mom.

Anyway, so much emotion was coming up in me, at one point I left the room I was so uncomfortable. Apparently I need to release the goal for her to listen to me.

So last night we went to dinner with some new friends we met at HeartLand. I spoke, they listened. They spoke, I listened. And the whole evening was held in a space of Love.

Today I am grateful for the ease of being with people who listen…and understand. Today I am grateful for my new friends. Today I am grateful for having my mom in my life, not only as an opportunity for me to heal, but because she is an amazing person. Today I am grateful for my husband, who keeps talking. And today I am grateful for my cat and my dog who love me no matter what I say!
Sending Love!
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