HeartLand Bell Tower

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HeartLand Bell Tower

2018 - 2019 HeartLand is receiving it's Lighthouse Bell Tower!  

Plans were made for the current bell to be moved into a tower higher than the HeartCenter front porch area and to incorporate the idea of a lighthouse as well. michael found the steel before we left HeartLand in August 2018 and Kathy and

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HeartLand Aramaic Mission

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HeartLand Aramaic Mission



To serve, restore and support the consciously Creative Presence of Human Life (Love) on Earth. Through global, freely available workshops and HeartLand, a conscious community, we bring this forward. Our basis is the ancient Aramaic tool of Forgiveness, and the correlated tools we have developed over the

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HeartLand Happenings

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HeartLand Happenings

This Spiritual Workbelongs to The Creator. We offer travel workshops free and ask a minimum exchange for Intensives so the work is available to everyone. Please join in empowering us through your Love, donations, tape and book purchases and Intensives at Heartland. We exchange any form of needed property, labor

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Directions to HeartLand

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"A Private, Self-Healing Sanctuary In The Ozark Mountains"

From St. Louis: Take I-44 West out of St. Louis to Marshfield. Take Exit 100 and go South on Spur Drive. Make a left on Hwy 35, Jackson Street, then take a right on Hyde Road. Follow to

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In Honor and Memory of Donald Haughey

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In Honor and Memory of Donald Haughey

(Donald Haughey and The Grist Mill)

Creative Health Institute in Hodunk, MI

For those who might not know, this is where dr. michael ryce held intensives prior to purchasing HeartLand in Theodosia, MO. Creative Health teaches the "Living Foods Lifesyle as originated by Dr. Ann Wigmore, who taught here for many years." They offer opportunities for participants to learn

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