05 October 2016
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E-Newsletters are Here!

 michael jeanie ryce

from dr. michael and jeanie ryce, HeartLand


We have begun using an email / marketing manager system to send out electronic email newsletters. Several addresses have bounced back due to being reported as an incorrect or invalid email and some have been flagged as suspended or not active. If you have not received our mailings (yet would like to) please go to and give us your current information.

Believe us, we understand overloaded inboxes, and we want to honor that.  Thus we are sending only once a month newsletters and if there are specific workshops in a city or changes to an upcoming event we may send a second blast notifying of the changes or announcements.

Here are the E-Newsletters we have sent out so far, since May 2016, if you would like to download them just click the links below. Feel free to forward the links to family and friends.

Volume 1

  • May/June 2016: "FREE link: our best new video, updates, announcements, & other offers" sent Monday, May 30, 2016 (
  • July 2016: "michael & jeanie want you to know" incl. Part 1 of Why Article, sent July 21, 2016 (
  • August 2016: "Continued Why article (Part 2) and upcoming Women's Intensive" sent August 18, 2016 (
  • September/October 2016: "Why article Part 3, upcoming workshops, announcements" sent Wednesday, October 5, 2016 (
  • November/December 2016: "Happy Holy-days, Why article (part 4), Florida next week, new schedules, announcements" sent December 1, 2016 (

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6