Support Team 2018 Update!

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09 October 2016
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We toured through Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina before we returned to the beach in Oak Island, NC for on-the-road intensives. Beginning March 1 - 9, 2018 we ran simultaneously a 9-day Why (facilitated by michael) and a 9-day Women Healing Women (facilitated by Jeanie), followed by March 11 - 19, 2018: 9-day CoDependence to InterDependence.

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Support Team 2017 Update!

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09 October 2016
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michael and Jeanie took downtime to write from December 2016 to February 2017 then headed to North Carolina

We did a full 6-weeks on the beach in Oak Island, NC. Beginning March 3 thru April 11, 2017: Jeanie did a 5-day De-Stress for Women and a 4-day Women Healing Women followed by michael doing a 9-day Intuitive Development, 4-day CoDepenDence to InterDependence, 9-day Course in Miracles and 3-day Personal Code Evaluation Training and a full day of Hands-on Energy Fieldwork Training.

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Support Team 2016 Update!

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09 October 2016
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We did a full month in the "lap of luxury" in Orlando, FL. Beginning February 1 - 16, with a 9-day CoDependence and Communication which extended up to 16-days, followed by 16-day Laws of Living from February 18 - March 4th. 

HeartLand intensive season was 43 days / 4 modules: Food Fun Forgiveness & Work Program, 9-day Why, 3-day Personal Code Evaluation Training, 16-day Laws of Living.

Jeanie facilitated a 4-day Women Healing Women Intensive at Michele Pischea's home in Michigan September 15 - 18, 2016

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Support Team 2015 Update!

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09 October 2016
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April 17 - 25, 2015, michael did a 9-day Why intensive in Kissimmee, FL simultaneously while Jeanie did a 9-day Healing The Whole Woman at the same facility.  Followed by 12-day Teachers' Training (consisting of 9-day Teachers' Training and 3-day Personal Code Evaluation Training). 

HeartLand intensive season was 58 days / 5 modules: 9-day Why, 16-day Communication / CoDependence to InterDependence combination, 3-day Personal Code Evaluation Training, 16-day Laws of Living, and 8-day Healing the Whole Woman.


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Support Team 2014 Update!

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09 October 2016
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March 7 - 15, 2014, we did a 9-day Why intensive in Costa Rica

HeartLand intensive season was 73 days / 6 modules:  (for the first time) a 16-day Communication / CoDependence to InterDependence combination, 9-day Intuitive Development, 9-day Why, 9-day Teachers' Training, 16-day Laws of Living, and 10-day Course in Miracles.

We did a 9-day, October 31 to November 8, 2014 CoDependence to InterDependence intensive at White Lodge in Pinckney, MI

What did our tour look like this year? We departed HeartLand in Missouri on Saturday, September 13, 2014 and arrived back on Monday, June 15, 2015. That is 275 days (or 9 months 2 days) on the road. If we deduct the 10 day cruise we took in February (which 6 days were at sea writing so they really shouldn't be deducted) and 20 days spent here and there for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, two days for our 10th Anniversary and then a few days family time - it takes it down to 245 days "doing the work". 41 days was for residential intensives in Pinckney, Michigan, Delray Beach and Orlando, Florida. So what did we do the other 204 days (29 weeks)? We did 27 Sunday services, 25 4-hour workshops, 65 2.5-hour workshops, all of which were FREE. We did 12 all day (10-hour) MindShifters & StillPoint Breathing workshops. We spent 3 days in prisons (both men and women) and assisted several support groups get started with their first meetings. We stopped to look over a potential teaching center for a friend. We crossed through 16 states, did workshops in over 34 cities, put 13,185 miles on 3 different vehicles, the bus gets 9 miles/gallon on a very good day so at an average of $2.50/gal we spent close to $4,000 just in fuel. This does not take into account the behind the scenes work of creating flyers and advertisement, website updates,entering names and info into the database and doing 188 MindShifter Radio Shows (and we sincerely thank Dr Tim and Michele for covering us on many of those) as well as doing several outside radio interviews. As of today, June 18th we now have 1,599 radio shows archived - that is 1,599 hours of free support in your process. Call in 646-200-4169 from 1-2PM EST Monday through Friday. (number changed in September 2016 to 516-418-5786, when we went to our own station on BlogTalk)
Many, many hours spent on the phone processing people, personal one-on-one sessions, and contacting participants for the upcoming workshops and intensives. We did both get some writing done but writing takes a different mind set than the tour allows. We videoed for two new Why 4 hour DVDs, 2 DVDs with Dale Hoffman called Aramaicisms and a new DVD from A Course In Miracles. During all of this we had van issues, michael flew to St Louis and drove a second vehicle to TN where we then spent 4 days shifting cabinets and everything over from one van to the bus... got on the road and drove 13 hours to arrive in Florida at 4AM to speak at 11AM - that was an intense week. For the most part we did not have air conditioning (and the majority of the time we were in Florida so it was hot weather). We also had to maintain communication with HeartLand and keep up with needs there in our absence (Thanks to the support team for being so dependable.) So....that is a highlight (I am sure I have forgotten something) of our travel tour. There are a few out there who donate to us on a regular basis and we are so thankful - we could not do this without you. We arrived at HeartLand and unloaded the vans this past Monday. Attempting to get somewhat unpacked and then focus on prep work for the intensives to begin (did I say to begin?) There is weed wacking needed desperately, we are convincing the critters that we are back and they need to move out of the house, we need to set up the Heart Center and the cabins and start planning food and printing worksheets, etc. etc. Volunteers needed here now as the support team is small this year.
Our next tour (October 2015 to April 2016) we plan to settle in south Florida for 7 months and except for a couple of major events and perhaps another Florida intensive (let us know if you have an interest), it will be concentration time and we will both be writing. We do 90% of our workshops FREE and we are glad we are able to do so ... however we have not figured out how to do them for nothing. If you would like to help us take this work to every mind, heart & being on the planet perhaps ask yourself "what can I do?" Perhaps financial support, or take on a project, sponsor a project... think about it. Blessings & Love.

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Support Team 2013 Update!

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09 October 2016
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March 17-25, 2013, We did a 9-day CoDependence to InterDependence intensive in Palm Coast, FL.  It filled up so fast we did a second 9-day CoDep from March 29-April 6, 2013 also in Palm Coast, FL.

The HeartLand intensive season consisted of three modules: 9-day Why, 9-day Teachers' Training and 16-day Laws of Living (July 29 through August 31st).

michael and jeanie left HeartLand in October and flew to Sweden where they did several Why workshops and then a 4-day residential Healing through Relationships intensive.

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Support Team

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12 June 2012
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We have 40-day, 70-day and 75-day Work Support Program (WSP) to include 10 days of Food, Fun, Forgiveness and Work (pdf format)
as well as an extended Super-Intensive Support Team program (6 to 24 months, or more). Contact michael for further inquiry and/or for an application for either of these programs.

Team members support HeartLand in such areas as office and publicity, building projects and facility maintenance, recreational activities coordination and development, food services, public outreach programs and workshop activities. Support team members receive

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Sponsor a Support Team Member

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12 August 2012
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Sponsor a Support Team Member


Give Sponsorship by clicking on their link(s) and your donation will go into their PayPal account!

Credit or Debit Card, or PayPal Accepted (PayPal is the gateway BUT NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED)

Support Team Annual Update to see just

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Be Part of the Heartland Team

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26 June 2012
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Are you interested in living in a community of people who are committed to spiritual and emotional healing
for themselves and the planet?

Forgiveness Works

Many people have tried to live together in community, but most communities fail. Why? We believe that they fail
because they lack the tools for

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HeartLand WorkSupport Programs

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26 June 2012
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There are several programs offered at HeartLand to assist in taking your process to the next level.

WorkSupport Program (WSP) to include the 16-day Food, Fun, Forgiveness and Work, Super-Intensive Support Team an extended program (6 to 24 months, or more). Click here for the WSP details and application.

Note: Team

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Support Team Super Intensive

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27 June 2012
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As I say each year as an intro, for those who have never been to HeartLand, all of the buildings and locations on the property have names. It is a fun part of the whole experience at HeartLand. Stay in a cabin called Peace or Love or Harmony or Happiness,

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If you are interested in being on the Support Team in the future:

Click Heart to contact dr. michael ryce


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