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Sharings of experiences from the HeartLand "SuperIntensive" and "Live-It" Team members

SupportTeam members are a select group of committed individuals who understand the power of service and are willing to immerse themselves in their own healing process. This is expressed at HeartLand as a team effort. Participants work together to manage the property and complete projects as the needs arise. Life issues come up in

the process! Support and self-empowerment tools are provided and used daily to release and change limiting beliefs and patterns. A work program, not for the fainthearted! See the SuperIntensive description for more details if you wish to join us in our effort to heal ourselves, each other, and the planet.

John Ray
came with an open heart, a dedication to serve, and his guitar. He has blessed us in countless ways with his music, vigilance, and loving nature. He has agreed 
to share with us his decision to come to HeartLand. Thanks, John.

Here I am at HeartLand. I’m working and playing (and processing) with the Support Team. How did I get here?

Seven months ago, I was living in Dallas, Texas. I’d been working in the information systems field for about 12 years, gradually working my way up the title and pay scales to a fairly comfortable standard of living.

I knew my job was not the best for my health—sitting for 8 to 12 hours a day at a desk or in meetings, not to mention staring at the tube in my computer under a steady bath of flickering, fluorescent light. I knew that I had other talents that were not being tapped, and the thought of ‘use it or lose it’ haunted me at times. I felt that I had a purpose in life that went beyond my current position, yet I was unclear as to what my purpose and long-term goals were. I was waiting for a bolt of lightning to enlighten me and ignored the daily signals, the mundane messages that encouraged me to shoot higher. I clung to the tenet that one must maintain one’s job or career at all costs in order to survive, whether it fit one’s goals or not.

About a year and a half ago, I finally sat down and clarified my life purpose and long-term goals using tools similar to what michael offers in the Laws of Living course. I saw my purpose as a commitment to experience the Love that I am more fully and to assist others to experience the Love that they are. My goals included, among other things, writing a book, composing music, and teaching; and I began to look at daily tasks in terms of how they fit with my goals.

On the advice of a friend, I read my goals to myself a few times a day, every day. I knew that thoughts are like prayers—how we ‘ask and … shall receive.’ It became clear to me that a steady focus on my goals was important if I wanted the universe to answer the prayers that came from my heart. I continued to read my goals daily.

Seven months ago, the stage was set. My son, Jeremy, and his mother and stepfather all decided that it would be best for Jeremy to live and attend school in Australia. I resisted at first but soon saw the opportunity it would be for Jeremy. At about the same time, my back was injured, not as severely as it had been three years earlier, but enough to make it extremely painful to sit down for long periods of time. My occupation was no longer serving me. After some deliberation, I left my job with the intention of leaving that career path and the consciousness that ‘a job is necessary to survive.’

Once I made that decision, my house sold in three days. I paid off the last of my debts. My brother, who had been living with me for 11 years, found his own apartment and agreed to keep my dog, and I gave away my furniture. By the beginning of the summer, all the roles I’d been playing for years were gone.

Now, I find myself at HeartLand working with the Support Team. I have gained so much from michael’s work that I want to give something back in the form of service and whatever else I am guided to give. It is the perfect way to begin my adventure into the new millennium, and I am eager to see what the future holds.


From HeartLines Newsletter

Once he’d eased his large frame onto the bench seat at the dinner table

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