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29 August 2012
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"SIX ARAMAIC KEYS" - michael's message recorded August 23, 2020 via Zoom for Unity of Blue Water in Huron, MI watch the FREE Video (thank you Paul Miller). Note michael added a key since last taught.


"FIVE ARAMAIC KEYS TO LIFE" - michael's message recorded January 14, 2018 at Unity Birmingham, AL (first with sign language) watch FREE video on YouTube or Vimeo.


"FIVE ARAMAIC KEYS OF Y'SHUA" - michael's message recorded September 17, 2017 at Unity of Ada, MI watch the FREE Video - on


"FIVE ARAMAIC KEYS OF Y'SHUA" - michael's message recorded September 10, 2017 at Unity of Lansing, MI - Listen to the Audio (MP3 format, 57.4MB)


"FIVE ARAMAIC KEYS OF Y'SHUA" - michael's message recorded July 30, 2017 at Unity of Blue Ridge, NC watch the FREE Video - on


"THE COIN OF THE REALM" - michael's message recorded January 2008 at Unity of Diamond Head, HI - Listen to the Audio (MP3 format, 31.8MB) OR watch the FREE Video - on


FORGIVENESS PROJECT Watch this 30 second YouTube Video - and visit Forgiveness for more information.


Video Conference with "Change Agents" Kami Be, Cary Kirastar Ellis & Ken Chorley with dr. michael ryce as we explore the 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness.  Bridge to Paradise - 21st Century Superhuman GUEST Dr. Michael Ryce - 23 January 2015


Christopher Gebiya from Seek God Deeply introduces dr. michael ryce to his audience on his YouTube Channel


1995 Humans Anonymous hosted by Barry Liss and presentation by dr. michael ryce


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