Factors That Create Perception

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That's All You Need

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 That's All You Need


James River’s fourth grade students recently took a trip to the back roads of Elon, Virginia to Woodruff’s Store Café & Pie Shop. The smell of hot apple pie welcomed all in to the small café. The children sat at small, round, red & white

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We are One

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We are One

The following is a collection of videos that exemplifies how this world is suppose to be! Together let's be The Team That Changed The World!

Touching Strangers- Richard Rinaldi is a photographer who did a project called "Touching Strangers". He has complete strangers poise for pictures and it is transforming. Very touching. This is what life should be about.

Christian, The Lion, Reunion - True Friendships Last a Lifetime

Jasmine the Greyhound - this greyhound was rescued and given TLC at a shelter in Nuneaton & Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.  In return she nurtures every animal that comes into the sanctuary.

Dog & Deer - This dog and deer are best friends. Watch them romp and play together and then lay down together.

Cheetahs and Impalas - Three cheetahs chase a young impala and watch what transpires. Titled "The Law of the Wild says kill only when you are hungry"

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Book: Why Again

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Download michael ryce's book: Why Is This Happening to Me ... AGAIN?! in several languages!

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2014 Aramaic Fridays Radio Shows: Every Friday MindShifters Radio Show was with Aramaicist Dale Allen Hoffman from January 3, 2014 through December 26, 2014


Aramaicisms: a term coined by michael to represent Aramaic idioms


How Do I Love My Neighbor?

The Greeks translated my words as, "Love your neighbor as yourself."

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