World Issues

28 August 2012
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KONY 2012 Support the international effort to arrest Joseph Kony and disarm the LRA and bring the child soldiers home. Stop Joseph Kony in 2012

Forbidden Knowledge It's supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek message for a newly-installed politician from a member of the "elite." Sit back and enjoy this full length history of the control of humanity.

Earth Quake Info Do you know what to do if 

there was an earth quake where you live? The earth is protesting her mistreatment - be ready.

Civility Project Is there human life among the country's leaders?

National Juggernaut This is a cartoon from 1948. This was forecast 63 years ago. Are we listening yet?

Keeping Your Identity Secure steps you can take.

Electric Vehicles powerpoint slideshow of what happened to the electric cars. They were the solution to pollution.

In Our Current Economic Situation read labels - it is produced or made where?

Thirteen Ways To Go Green let's save our planet.

Gun Control Costs Lives If the government controls guns then people become enslaved. Learn from history, watch this powerpoint presentation.