Choice by Love

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07 April 2014
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Choice by Love

Choice of Love by a holocaust survivor …

A story told in The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand, the story actually comes from the book Return from Tomorrow, written by Dr. George Ritchie (see page 114 of his book).  Ritchie was a doctor with the American troops in

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Letter to Ancestors

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16 December 2020
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Letter to Ancestors

During the 2020 Online Intensive one of the topics included opening the space to hear from the life of our ancestors. 

Magda shared a letter she wrote, given to her from her grandfather. She read this on the Radio Show December 15, 2020 (listen to the MP3)


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Our True Nature

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28 August 2012
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May the peace He spoke of, the peace of a child, be with you in this 

Holy-Day Season and throughout the New Year!

Sleep  and trust deeply in His grace ... 
His Love is truly more powerful than any medicine!

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Remarkable Quotes

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12 August 2012
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African Proverb

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!

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Stories, Poems, and Songs From Workshops

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06 June 2012
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By your request, here are the links to stories, songs, and quotes used my michael in his workshops:


  • THE ABUNDANCE BLESSING! - blessing michael uses at the end of a workshop
  • THE COCOON AND THE BEES - Two stories linked to CoDependency. Resisting the urge to "fix" people, maybe they need the struggle.  It is the struggle out of the cocoon that enables the butterfly to fly and without the struggle with gravity the bees wings atrophy and they can't fly.
  • THE ROSE & THE BUTTERFLY! - story used in the Forgiveness worksheet
  • THE SNOWFLAKE - poem from Why Again book, and used in Healing Children Loving Children, revised January 2012
  • WILL YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE? - perhaps only one voice is missing for peace to come about in the world!
  • EACH MOMENT - poem from Why Again article, often read in workshops.

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07 August 2012
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InnerViews - from guest facilitators and the insightful

by CJ Ryce

Joe looked remarkably like spiderman as he stretched across the tree limbs, his body a dark shadow against the sky. He leaned against the ropes of his rigging and planted his feet on the trunk of the huge oak, three stories above the ground. He seemed oblivious to the dizzying height as he

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