Our True Nature

28 August 2012
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May the peace He spoke of, the peace of a child, be with you in this 

Holy-Day Season and throughout the New Year!

Sleep  and trust deeply in His grace ... 
His Love is truly more powerful than any medicine!

Read books and listen to music that  put you into Christ's Mind  ...

Have delight and joy without  things or cooperation ... 
just because they are your birthright, a birthright the world will try to destroy.

Do what  the Mind of God prompts you to do ... 
Listen only to that prompting, though the world will not approve, for it will have lost its control.

Sleep in safety and the presence of God's Love ... 
With the hand of Love upon you!

Hold fast to His Love when the world tests you  ... 
Its father is hostility, fear and the lie - false gods, each of them! 
Remember your Father and abide only in His Love.

Enjoy your blessings ...

Remember the Truth - we are one ... 
An idea the world does everything in its power to hide.

Look 'em in the eye, be firm, and say, “I am God's child! 
Created a little lower than the angels,
don't try to teach me the lie that I am less than what He created me to be ...
Teach me that I am Love, support me in my True nature!”

Shake the dust off your feet if they cannot hear you  ... 
But be aware, they will try to convince you that the dark side, hostility and fear, are where the power is. 
In the face of all adversity, keep your connection to the Love of God….
for it is the only security!

This is an image of your created state! May you live more deeply in the Mind of Christ 
and be the Love of God to everyone you meet, saint or sinner, or you give up a precious gift. 


michael and jeanie ryce