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Introduction to Our Intensives



For those who wish to explore the tools presented in this work, the following resource guide explains the facilities at our teaching center, HeartLand.


This Spiritual work belongs to The Creator. Our commitment is to make these tools easily and universally available, regardless of ability to pay. We offer travel workshops free and in order to support our continued work ask a minimum exchange for intensives, tapes and other products. Our mission is the healing of ourselves, each other and

the planet and everything we offer is dedicated as our contribution toward that purpose. Please join in empowering us all through your LOVE, donations, tape and book purchases and by attending intensives at HeartLand. We exchange our intensives and products for any form of needed property, labor or a post office money order.


Intensive participants report significantly improved relationships, finances, eating habits and freedom from many addictions are the feedback we get after an intensive. Many say their energy levels soar, mental functioning and emotional stability are enhanced and their bodies trim 10-25 pounds!

“I feel so much stronger, yet peaceful, more alive, my thoughts clearer. I am excited about my future, confident it will be different. I’ve searched for many years to heal. At 51, I felt like I have been successful for the first time in my life. Your Work was the coming home to where I came from. A very warm and special thanks to you, michael, for your healing work and tools, for your commitment to share with others your ideas.” A.C., Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Thanks for keeping love conscious so many times and for showing me my power. Thanks for the resonance of truth, kindness, love, joy and much more. Most of all, you have reflected how to open my heart.” C.E., Health Food Store Owner, Mobile, AL

“I am writing this to express my deep appreciation for who you are and what you have offered me and so many others on the healing path. In my position as a psychiatrist I have had opportunity to both witness and participate in many different healing modalities. I feel I can say without reservation that the healing tools you offer are the most powerful I have encountered. It is clear to me how much you have invested in your commitment to the healing process. In your groups and individually you offer that beautiful balance between loving support and personal responsibility, a rare and powerful accomplishment.
michael, you have a great gift for creating and holding a safe and loving space for the entire group. You have an uncanny intuitive knowing about how and when to intervene on an individual level. The tools you offer in your workshops are for life and clearly about personal healing and empowerment.”
U.B., Psychiatrist

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