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In Jeanie’s View – Dear God

Heart in Cloud

I wrote God the following letter in 2004 when I first began doing this work. I can honestly say that the four concerns mentioned in the letter have been taken care of with abundance. My desires remain the same to be one with God and all creation. I want to fulfill the greater purpose, remain in the space of love and in the mind of Christ and live so others will want this too. I still work through my process and I still love Truth. I now counsel other people and

hold the space as they process. A lot of progress and an answered prayer. Thank you God.

Dear God –

I don’t fully understand the change within me…it began as a subtle desire for truth. Do I really believe what I have been told all these years or have I been programmed that I believe? Is it true that eternal life is here now? Can I let go of all that is destructive in my mind and make this great change? Show me.

Is there a way for me to fulfill this greater purpose?

Thank you for michael and for his direction. For the ability you have given him to explain things. For his openness to share the love of you and for allowing me a space in that love. For his being willing to work through the process with others – especially me.

I really do want to live with purpose – to reflect Y’shua (Jesus) as the moon reflects the sun. I want to release the negative thoughts that cause feelings of pain that take me somewhere outside of love. I want to remain in your love.

God, how have I survived without this intense direction? Thank you for patiently waiting on me to come to my senses.

Help me to get to the place where my service is yours fully. I have a lot of healing to do – but you know my heart is willing. Help me know my purpose and be responsible.

I admit three concerns – no, four:
1. Ryan – last 2 years of high school
2. My debt – like an anchor or millstone holding me back
3. A partner – to share the vision
4. My family – they can’t understand this thinking

Help me release these as “concerns” and move forward one day at a time. May I please you in the place I am in now. May I trust and create abundance.

I still don’t comprehend it all but through this process I want the place of being (finding) your perfect will, to be one with you, to show your love, to stay in your love and the mind of Christ and to do the work so others will want this too.

Show me the Truth I seek. Lead me into the relationship I need to compliment this work. Open the doors – I will step through.

In Love – I am Your Child, Jeanie


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