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Jeanie Shaw Ryce

Spiritual Direction & Guidance in Self-Healing

Spiritual Direction, Still Point Breathing, Energy Field Work,
Guidance In Self-Healing and Support in using the tools.

A knowledgeable practitioner in the fields of Creative Spiritual Direction, Self-healing, Healing Through Relationships, anger and grief resolution, stress management, identifying purpose and, especially, the Inner Process of Forgiveness. Jeanie, with her uncanny intuitive ability, knows how to, “touch people where it hurts,” and then, with expert guidance, support the healing of issues hidden, perhaps for lifetimes. An incredibly creative educator and guide, with a Bachelors of Psychology and 35 years of teaching experience.
Jeanie has the ability to presence Love and thereby facilitate the rare occurrence of internal healing.


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 About Jeanie

One-on-One Spiritual Guidance | Jeanie’s Viewpoint of Workshops
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