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Julie Haverstick


Julie Haverstick

Julie Haverstick has been actively involved with Heartland for the last 18 years, this is dr. michael ryce’s healing/retreat center in the Ozark Mountains. Julie has held many positions, including teaching classes and doing extensive one on one work with adult participants. Julie enjoys working with people and she really has the innate capacity to maintain and hold the space of LOVE if something less than Love surfaces. A true earmark of someone that is doing their own spiritual/healing work and walking their talk.

Julie, a certified spiritual teacher, leans toward teaching intuitively rather than just intellectually. This insight expedites awareness and the healing process. She has worked this healing program and has personally completed over 60,000 reality management worksheets, it is her favorite tool. Julie’s gifts and natural capacity to simplify and make the reality management sheet easily understood is exemplified in her instructional approach.

Julie is a retired school teacher. She has two degrees and graduated with honors from Wright State University. Julie holds many advanced educational extension credits and certifications and has hours towards her doctorate. She has written two adult instructional books and others are in the making, The Joy Of Penmanship Using The Haverstick Method. In her book, Healing Children Loving Children, Julie has adapted the Reality Management process taught by dr. michael ryce whom she has studied with for 28 years. This book gradually teaches self-empowerment, personal responsibility and spiritual awareness to facilitators of children.

Spiritual Direction & Guidance in Self-Healing

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$100 per hour.

For an appointment email Julie or call (417) 273-4060
to Schedule a Convenient Session Time.

Send a Postal Money Order to Julie Haverstick, 437 County Road 638, Theodosia, MO 65761

See Testimomials of those who have worked with Julie.

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