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Mind / Goal Management

kitten mind goal management

(Is this a picture of how you currenty manage your goals?)

Mind management is accomplished through the management of goals which requires much more than keeping and completing a “TO DO” list. We have literally thousands of goals in our minds and we have been trained to unconsciously Set goals all the time. The purpose of this worksheet is to consciously exercise and strengthen the five capabilities of the Spiritual faculty called Will, the faculty with which goals are managed. This sheet is a format for Framing, Setting and Canceling goals, three of the five capabilities of the Human Will. The other two capabilities of Will, which are strengthened by practice throughout the day, are the ability to Select a goal for immediate attention and Maintain a goal. Each of these five capacities is as important as the others in fully exercising and developing your Will. In our goal oriented society, which does not put much emphasis on Cancel goals, the Canceling of goals each evening is imperative and leaves the mind free of the stresses of the world while sleeping. Giving yourself at least five minutes to silently focus on Love and breathing after Goal Canceling each evening and in the morning before Setting your goals are ideal ways begin and end your day. KEY THOUGHT-sufficient for the day are the goals thereof!


Download the pdf of the Mind / Goal Management Worksheet

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