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Other Worksheets used in workshops besides the Wake-up Sheets on this page:
(or click here for various Reality / Stress Management Wake-up Sheets).

Click here to learn what tools to use when

·         APOLOGY TOOL (pdf format) – replacement for “I’m sorry” Listen to the Apology Tool MP3 of 2 radioshows edited & combined.
·         ARAMAIC SIX KEYS TO LIFE (PDF format) – used to be Five keys but was changed to Six keys. You can watch both presentations: Five Keys Unity of Birmingham and Six Keys Unity of Blue Water Presentation on Zoom
·         BE-ATITUDES (Beatitudes) poster from Laws of Living (PDF format) for detail explanation, go to BEATITUDES Page & Listen to MP3s
·         CO-DEPENDENCY WORKSHEET revised 2017 from Co-Dependence to Inter-Dependence (PDF format)
·         COMMITMENTS – Tool used in Healing Through Relationships, in 11 languages, plus First Person Commitment and Child’s Commitment and I Am Somebody
My Commitment – explanation behind the words – excerpt from July 7, 2020 show (MP3 format)
·         EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT RELEASE EXERCISE (MP3 format, michael directing the process)
·         FIVE SMOOTH STONES and five things HUMAN WILL can do (PDF format) and then listen to an excerpt from July 13, 2020 (MP3) explaining difference in Will and willpower.
·         GETTING THE STRESS Schematics of the Mind (Three filters) revised 2017 from Getting the Stress You Need (PDF format)
·         LOVE EXCHANGE – a reconnect to Love & share it exercise
·         MIND/GOAL MANAGEMENT Worksheet revised 2017 from Getting the Stress You Need (PDF format)
·         MINDSHIFTERS List- revised 2021 to reflect more accurate wording.  Pick two numbers 1-3 and 1-13 – there are three sections with 13 statements per section (JPEG format)
·         MINDSHIFTERS List– Women Healing Women pick a number 1-50 (PDF format)
·         PERSONAL CODE EVALUATION FEEDBACK SHEET  revised 2020 (PDF format) – assignments given in ten areas assessed by the PC Evaluation (this evaluation is taken in most intensive programs, email if interested in purchasing additional evaluations)
·         PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF EMOTIONAL SUPPRESSION Chart revised 2017 from Empowered to Heal Youthing/Aging Chart (PDF format)
·         POWER PERSON WORKSHEET – who is your power person and what did you perceive their needs to be and how has it played out in your life? (PDF format)  Listen to the excerpts (MP3s) of the radioshows from April 10 & 13, 2020.  Also, MP3 excerpt from July 6, 2020
·         PURPOSE Worksheet revised 2017 from Purpose, Personal Power and Commitment (PDF format)
·         RESPONSE-ABILITY COMMUNICATION RULES revised 2018 from COMMUNICATION, Did You Hear What I Think I Said? (PDF format)
Respons-Ability Communication Letter – David (PDF format)
Respons-Ability Communication Letter – Joy (PDF format)
Respons-Ability Communication Letter – to a Massage Therapist out of Integrity (PDF format)
·         ROSE AND BUTTERFLY Poster (PDF format)
·         SYMPTOMS OF HEALING revised 2019 What does it mean to be willing to go through the symptoms of healing?  What’s the difference in dis-ease process and a healing crisis (PDF format)  Listen to excerpts from April 2020 radio show MP3 where michael explains a Healing Crisis and additional info on MP3 of May 4, 2020. Also, about thoughts and emotions becoming physical radioshow October 22, 2020 MP3. Another discussion on healing through past (even generational) issues and focusing on healing not symptoms January 27, 2021 MP3.
·         THREE EARLY MEMORIES revised 2017 Worksheet from Healing Through Relationships (PDF format)
·         WHEN I HEAL revised 2017 Worksheet from Healing Through Relationships (PDF format) used after the Three Early Memories exercise


  1. Really helpful and inspiring. These worksheets get straight to the pu’uwai (heart) and to True healing. Mahalo nui loa💖

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