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Our Homegrown Park Progress

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💞 Our Private National Park is Registered and Here is Our Progress in Pictures 💞

beginning2 beginning1 cardboard1
stones and cardboard stones and cardboard 2 mulch 1
mulch 2 mulch and top soil water it down 1
dumptruck raked out
  • first we marked off the space, approximately 100 ft x 25 ft at the top of our backyard, just in front of the property line of big pine trees
  • next lay down cardboard to kill the grass (hint: furniture stores have big boxes – for free – they already flatten for recycle and are glad for you to haul off for them)
  • lined up irregular rectangle boulders to form a border and to keep the mulch and soil in place (as the yard is about 45 degree slope it could wash down)
  • we brought in some compost from a neighbor (again free) and spread it out
  • mulched up leaves on top and water it down so it stays in place when the wind blows
  • then we had 24 tons of soil and mulch delivered
  • several days of shoveling and raking to spread it out
  • the pictures below are the result we are aiming towards – there will be only flowers native to this area in Virginia, tall flowers nearest the pine trees then shorter flowers near the front edge, we will add a walkway of pea-gravel winding through the middle and a birdbath near the front.
end result pathway birdbath
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