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Personal Code Evaluation

Heartland Personal Code Evaluation

The goal of the Personal Code Evaluation is to identify potential blockages in awareness.

To gain the most from this evaluation: Read each statement and decide if it is mostly true or mostly false as applied in your practices in life. An honest answer, though it may not be perceived as the correct answer, will serve you in making this a most accurate and useful feedback tool for purposes of learning! The questions are not meant have black and white answers but are designed to surface and reflect any conflicts within.

There are 162 questions on this evaluation. After your evaluation is scored, you will receive a feedback sheet that will list, in order of opportunity, the areas where your greatest gains can be made. We will suggest you do the assignments in the areas of your first three challenges which are ranked 1-10. A number 1 represents the area of your life with the greatest chance of improvement and a 10 represents your best scores.

The following list is primarily for those who have taken (or administered) the Personal Code Evaluation. These are the workshops (on DVD) that address the 10 different challenge areas and can assist with the assignments if you watch them:

1.Stress Management – Getting the Stress You Need

2.Honor for Others – Healing Through Relationships & Co-Dependence to InterDependence

3.Honor for Self – Healing Through Relationships & Co-Dependence to InterDependence

4.Honor for Truth – Empowered to Heal & Communication: Did You Hear What I Think I Said?

5.Freedom from Fear – Why Is this Happening to Me … Again?!

6.Freedom from Hostility – Co-Dependence to InterDependence

7.Honor for Laws of Living – Laws Of Living & Getting the Stress You Need

8.Nutrition/Digest/Toxicity – Naturopathic Keys to Health

9.Use of Will – Getting the Stress You Need

10.Validity/Consistency – On Creating Consciously & Purpose, Personal Power and Commitment


There are five other DVDs that are not linked to any specific PV Eval challenge:

1.Circle of Life (upper and lower path based on behaviors)

2.Mind-Body Bio Energetics (this is 1 hr interview with Bruce Lipton and 1 hr with michael ryce)

3.MindShifters & Introduction to StillPoint Breathing

4.Introduction & Advance Understanding of A Course In Miracles

5.New Beginning (also A Course In Miracles lesson)


For any workshop that has a worksheet, each of the worksheets can be downloaded from the website for free.

Click here for a pdf of the above list.


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