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Power Person Dynamics

A Power Person is someone in our lives who, at a given moment, was not functioning as Love and had more control over our lives than we did. If we perceived that circumstance as survival, then Power Person Dynamics that would tend to control our whole lives were set in place. (See the video: Codependence to Interdependence)

If you have been abandoned, attacked, victimized and either verbally, physically or sexually abused, the voices and behaviors that perpetrated the offenses will attempt to speak through you as you. Those dynamics will tend to control your perceptions – your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Without internal Aramaic Forgiveness this is what will run your whole life – perhaps against your own will and choice!

When under the influence of the Power Person Dynamic only 3 behaviors are possible. Until resolved and healed the dynamics expressed will be controlled by the level of stress we are under – on how hard life is squeezing us.

  1. When low/no stress we will tend to do whatever we did to get along with our Power Person.
  2. As stress starts to build, we shift to doing whatever we did to resist and survive with our Power Person.
  3. When ultra-stressed the mind will counsel us to do what our Power Person did to us that we hated the most!

The above is taken from michael’s The Unfathomable Miracle of Being

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