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Dr Tim and Susan B. To say a narcissist can’t be changed, that person has never used these tools. Discussed the need to justify her Mom’s behavior that she and her sister were brats and the only thing valid is to beat them. What goal would you need to cancel to allow the emotions bubble up and let them flow through you? You shut yourself down with statements like ‘Who do you think you are drama queen?’ Thoughts like if I let myself cry I might not stop. Or I am not sad so why cry? Goals like ‘To be accepted by your mother’ argument she did love us and just gave us what we needed (the beating). Goal to be seen as strong. The goals block you from looking at the emotions that your logical mind knows are there. Fear that the goal would not be met if you allowed yourself to feel.

Caller Jack offered info to Susan regarding her grandson and addiction.

Noone can live outside of community.

The Love Exchange
Look at this was an experiment done by Amnesty International but it is like the “Love Exchanges” we teach/do at our intensives. really look someone in the eyes and send love and a smile…so moving and touching.
New York Times piece on looking in another’s eyes for 4 minutes

Caller Dr Andracki, talk about suppressed, imagined memories. michael offered when we think what is happening inside of us is caused by someone outside of us we are in denial and we dissociate from the real cause (content inside). Example of having access to the correct information. We will hallucinate whatever to support our story. Perceptual construct collapses when we cancel the goal then we can see truth. Download ZOOM and then put in the meeting code and join the group, michael will open the meeting. Will give the meeting number in a few days. Will be Friday 6:00PM PacificTime

Take the tools and use them and things change – don’t believe anything just use the tools

Caller Ron Bleakney, work is an ongoing challenge. Took Grace out shopping and shared some experiences with her. He likes working for his boss because he learns so much and yet he triggers Ron and then the reaction impacts his wife and others. michael walked him through a process of tapping into the physical location of the feelings. Listen to the way your body wants to move now to let the energy unlock and unwind.

August 4



Caller Joan shared a saying. “Only total acceptance welcomes Truth.  Until I abide with Truth, my attempts to create result in conflict.  My power lies in accepting all of myself exactly as I am and all of my life exactly as it is. When I stop trying to change my life, I put energy into living it, the investment of conscious energy in my life automatically gives it direction.”

Caller Dr. Andracki, start Support Group starting back up, asked Dr Tim how you keep the drive to continue the Support Group? Dr Tim used to play 1 hr of michael’s DVDs and then discuss and do worksheets and process.  Began with Why Again, then HTR, ETH, CoDep then Stress. That deepened Dr Tim’s understanding of the tools. Even repeating the same videos several times a year seemed like different information.

Caller Tracey shared a story.

michael shared his own healing was triggered during processing of Ron B yesterday.

Discussion of the purpose of pain – to make your ears grow. Become conscious co-creators of your lives

Consider that everything you know may be inaccurate or that you really know nothing. Be in the question.

Topic of perception – always revealing our own minds.

Online Intensive Sept 13 thru Dec 13, 2020 3 hrs on Sundays (2-5PM) and 1 hr on Tuesdays (6-7PM) Eastern Time

Jurate is creating a menu plan for participants to follow during the 14 weeks

Caller Julie, if the mind is managed by goals then what does it mean to be ‘out of your mind’? And what does it mean to be ‘in this world but not of it’?

Kids play out what is modeled for them. Example with Arya Reign, she might tend to fall into ‘this world’s way /behavior’ and we will remind her who she – we will ask why are we here? The answer is to be Love. Recognize who she is and model the language and energy we want to see her come back to us with 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Regulatory speech affects how we do life. Age of 13 the speech is set in stone and rare do they change. Are we talking to their past or do we communicate with the being?

August 5



Caller Magda

Caller Jack

Dr Tim discusses with caller Susan B, connect with the Universal Mind. Open to the expansive and experience Truth – what is real. Cannot be in denial about anything and experience the real. From the Course of Love, the 2nd book 9th paragraph. We are already accomplished and can access the Universal Mind. The more I see the thought complex of the EGO then the more I experience myself as connected to all that is.

michael added holding the breath is how we lock that down physically to not see what is real. Holding a certain pattern of energy via the law of reasonance will draw in another with a similar energy. They will show up and intensify that energy. Active Present Love (Rakhma) while doing forgiveness dissolves anything less than love (hostility and fear).

Perception is based on which filter is active

Caller Claudia, asked about the filters being set and when one person says something with the best, loving intentions and the other person takes it in a different way and the conversation goes south, was the first person truly not in a loving space? What happens?  Some moments you feel you have made big leaps forward and then you feel you have gone backwards. Generational issues come forward when you are vital enough to see them.

Caller Ron B, deepest thanks to michael and the community for his process this week. Processing.

August 6



Caller Claudia asks Dr Tim how to remove the constant thought of being unworthy? Backing into a worksheet discussion. Thought this is going to be endless, the emotion of frustration or overwhelm.

For Pahrump Support Group via Zoom (Dr. Stephen & Claudia Andracki) go to

Caller Camille in a healing crisis, for 10 days can’t seem to digest anything. Down to smart water (distilled & electrolytes) and unseasoned rice. Sleeping better, frequent urination is less. michael said it sounds like your body is forcing you in a fast. Drinking organic tea. michael suggested Lemon & Cayenne to water (little maple syrup).

Caller Dr Andracki, working with a lady who has maybe 6 months to live. What work do you focus on to have the best days? Perhaps get her to look at her purpose worksheet and see what is in alignment with that purpose. “The Gentle Art of Blessing” by Pierre Pradervand move into energies that supports aliveness and vitality.

Question from chatroom: Doing a worksheet on self – a guy was frustrated that the treatment of his OCD symptoms was taking so long, with the goal of being patient with self. When you ask to be shown a time you have violated that goal for yourself…it just comes back to the reason you started the worksheet. Stuck. Jeanie offered what one might see is that patience (or lack of) has been a lifetime issue towards himself and others. michael offered to look at Power Person dynamic. Who had no patience with him? Teach them to do the Love Exchange with self. May even be grandparents’ impatience with parents. Compulsion to perform and be perfect and do it right and please the PP or be obedient or the need to have skills. Allow the breath to move and tap into self as Love and do the exchange in the mirror. Active present love present and the dis-ease energy will begin to dissolve. Worksheets expand out to many areas of health and dis-ease energy besides impatience, self-defeating language.

Caller Celinda, clarify can she check in just when she can? Recovering perfectionist that ‘if she cannot be on the whole show she feels it is not fair to the group.’ Given permission

August 7



Dr Tim suggested watch Joseph Campbell – The Story of Indra from the Brahmavar Upanishad – The Power of Myth on Youtube

michael intro included busy-ness is a drug to keep from looking at issues, and that anger is the ‘grand-daddy’ of drugs

Caller Julie in OR, shared what all was happening in the last 2 weeks, things moving. Feels her purpose right now is to heal whatever comes up.

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August 10



Dr Tim offered to caller Jack that there is revelatory speech (reveals to you something hidden from self) and saying I am not worried that at some point there is worry.

Caller Dr Andracki update and thanks for the Friday night support group

michael discusses ‘discipline’ comes from disciple meaning properly taught not properly beaten. Example of Arya’s cooperation

Chatroom Cathy asked about water kefir grains.

Caller Roma, asked for the link to the ZOOM meetings.

Caller Ann talking about what she wants instead of what she does not want. Recognizing her thought and remove the ‘not’ like setting goals what you realoly want. about becoming more aware

August 11




Second hour is a prerecording from July 2019 Jeanie talks about supporting another who is stuck in their story and not doing their work. Dr Tim reinforces the need to take care of self and let go of the need to rescue others. Caller Brenda said she has experienced the idea better to give than receive and often resents giving and giving.


August 12



Caller Susan B discusses with Dr Tim

Emmerson, “Get your bloated nothingness out of the way”

If I refuse to decode what is held in my structure it will resonate and draw in another to show me what I need to deal with in my field. To decode you must embrace what comes up and become vital and be willing to go through it. Disappear all dis-ease energy.

Refer to HeartLand series, Jack advised “you can’t make any plan based on the actions of thoughtless people who hide like cowards behind their words.”

Caller Susan B, challenge with client who is connected to extremely passive man who feels controlled by the wife, fearful of standing up. michael offered they are both in their Power Person dynamics and can’t see beyond. Ask her what her advice would be to her husband and then apply that advice to herself.

August 13



Dr Tim and Susan discuss, we can use any book (Koran, Bible, etc) as justification to do harm to others, a distortion of the true teaching

Caller Celinda comments, a linguist she knew said every word is sim ply a symbol of a life experience. Collective meaning (agreed upon meaning) or personal meaning linked to an event. Then about prayer,

michael describes what Love is – not something you do but who you are.

In the “Lord’s Prayer” there is a line that says ‘carve out a space in us’ to make room for Christ to show up.

The highest use of words are meant to be indicators that point to a truth, to free myself of the past and allow the energy of the word take me into truth.

Prayer has to do with alignment, like an antenae to set a trap for God. “Living Not Saying The Lord’s Prayer” also,

Y’Shua gave a protocol for living a human life.  You must be the presence of love when you think of the Creator or think of neighbor in order to maintain your self. Y’Shua gave the 11 most important words (the protocol), he said “For upon this hangs the law and all of it’s prophets.”

michael’s book (upcoming) “The End of Suffering” listen to the first 2 chapters

Teach us to Pray – ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ is a set of instructions. michael’s interpretation (for the current time) not a translation of the Lord’s Prayer. michael read it as a closing meditaion.

August 14



The different ways you hear something, the deeper you can grasp it.

Caller Susan B, dicusses the interpretation you place on words (the meaning you give it) generates the emotions.

Dr Tim talks about his experience when reading ‘Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship)’ by Paramahansa Yogananda

Caller Jack offerings of thoughts

michael announced the birth of our granddaughter, Avery Catherine Poole weighs 7 lb 6 oz, born at at 11:17AM CST. Congrats to Christa & Aaron & Addie.

Caller Celinda, asked about ‘The End of Suffering’ listen to the first 2 chapters

Caller Claudia, uncomfortable about processing another in the same issue she is going through. Want to be there to be supported and to support. michael offered that is a powerful place to ask for support. Jeanie offered it is powerful to let go and process what surfaces and allow the group to hold the space for you. Let go of being the facilitator and be one with the group. It is growth for all. Jeanie shared often going into process and it is powerful for the whole audience. michael said sounds like a worksheet on protection with the feeling of fear and the thought may be ‘it is not safe to be vulnerable’ with a goal to be safe or to be supported. michael shared an experience of himself being processed during an intensive. Julie H. called in and shared during Teachers’ Training she would freeze and could not wrap her mind around the lesson and did not trust her mind to follow through. Then had a healing crisis of being a woman who was killed for teaching truth. Then was easier to get up and speak. Claudia admited vulnerable was an issue and fear of being called out. MindShifter: “It is safe and healing and I love it when I get called out especially by ____” The protection one is in her face. Seen it in all the women in her family (mom & sister & cousins). Sounds like a lot of grief. Thought of people around them thinking they are not deserving or even thinking it of self. People who say they love you and yet they ‘hurt you’ (some physical and some mental). What do you need to do to heal this big issue? michael offered it sounds like a generational (cultural) issue. Jeanie agreed there are times we need to step away from the trigger to allow the energy to subside so we can feel safe enough to work on the issue within. Jeanie offered (from personal experience) we build a wall around us and we think we are protected, keeping anything away and nothing can “hurt us” again. But know that the problem is that wall also prevents love and kindness to get near us too. Two exercises: (1) to be present, the emotion is from the past overlay on the current event and (2) from ‘Writing Down Your Soul’ have the perfect pen and pad and chair, etc

August 15



August 16



August 17



Dr Tim and Caller Celinda

Caller Jack

michael opened by reading a poem “I Shall for I Am” by William Peters describes the essence of Love

A student asked his yogi (standing in a river) how to achieve nirvana? The yogi dunked him under the water and held him there until he almost drowned. Yogi said you are going to have to want it as much as you wanted that next breath.  Inertia – a mass moving in a particular direction at a particular rate of speed will continue until acted upon by an outside force. You need to be the outside force that changes the direction of your mind. Must do your work.

Caller Susan B., described a dream she had around her ‘friend’ she has had issues with and wondered what her dream meant. michael said everyone in your dream is representative of you. She shows you a place in you that you keep hidden. “It is safe and healing and I delight at opening the parts of my mind, for full exposure, the part that _______ resonates in me.”

August 18



Dr Tim and Caller Susan B, discuss the flow of life and the emotions are my creation. What do I make this situation mean? Without judgement. Observation. Indoctrination of the Roman Catholic dogma verses understanding the true meaning of the teachings. Exposed to other teachings through core required liberal arts education, philosophy, sociology and math. Susan shared being taught that everyone else was wrong and going to hell. She decided to do comparative religion study.

michael invited Susan to continue the conversation from yesterday. A child feels safe by making one parent the ‘bad guy’ and the other is the ‘safe space’ – the awareness of the innocence of BEING is shattered and trust is lost when a child experiences the first offense (Vincent Van Gogh song this world was not made for one as beautiful as you) that did not support the sweetness and innocence.  She said her mother was the scary one and yet her Dad was loving, she trusted him. Was glad he was the one who was going to punish her.

Dr. Bennett Braun, who directs a unit devoted to treating multiple personalities at the Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Braun reports a case with a woman, admitted to a hospital for diabetes, baffled her physicians by showing no symptoms of the disorder at times when one personality, who was not diabetic, was dominant.  We shift depending on the pain, rage or sadness verses love.

Along those lines, Bob in the chatroom said when he healed his abuse via his mother he opened the space for her to heal as well as himself. Opens the door for generations both backwards and forwards but while we open the door it is still up to each one to step through. He thought she beat him because she did not love him, he was unloveable and it was his fault. He went into depression as a result of not living his Truth.

Caller Magda, suggests Susan write a letter to her Dad. Did you really not know? Why did you not protect me? Then a question of Why is Mom more important to you than me? If you followed that directive and punished me when you said you did not want to.

Caller Celinda, her mother was also PP and multiple marriages to kind, needy men or alcoholics and abusers. She realized when mother was with a kind man (like her father was a good little boy) then she held the courts over his head and he was obedient instead of going against her. Her step-father was also a kind man who had an abusive childhood. Celinda is resistant to going into the ‘primal rage’ due to fear of being harmed or killed. MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to embrace and forgive every thought disorder of my bloodline that has led to rage.” The intensity of the rage is the depth of the pain. Most people live in the sympathetic (nervous system) state which is preparing the body for the “fight or flight or freeze” response during any potential danger. Breathe and allow yourself to go into the parasympathetic (nervous system) which inhibits the body from overworking and restores the body to a calm and composed state. Soften (verses relax).

michael explains to Jack that the MindShifter opens the door but the worksheets need to be used in conjunction.

August 19



Dr Tim talks to Claudia about bullies and modelling respect. Address with the person “you appear to be upset or angry.” instead of “you seem angry at ____” (which engages the third person, putting blame outside instead of focusing on inside). More productive to focus on the process and ignore the content (don’t engage in the outside story). It is how they interpret the event.

You are love – not something you do to another or get from another. From that flows behaviors freely – functioning as love.

SYMPTOMS OF HEALING revised 2019 What does it mean to be willing to go through the symptoms of healing?  What’s the difference in dis-ease process and a healing crisis (PDF format)  Listen to excerpts from April 2020 radio show MP3 where michael explains a Healing Crisis and additional info on MP3 of May 4, 2020.

Caller Susan B, don’t want to ‘effort’ to be loving. Want to heal whatever goes against the loving behaviors. Someone who triggers us can also be our healing. And we have the right to say we want to stay away from them but continue your work or it will come up with another person. And trust is an issue.

August 20



Dr Tim said when one of his adult children call and they are telling their story then half of his attention has to be on what is being triggered inside himself. His work is not to fix his son but to dismantle his anxiety or pain.  Caller Susan said and there should be a way of addressing their issue and not fostering the complaint and not putting a lid on it. Dr Tim gave an example of Larry complaining about Bob, can allow him to talk and then Tim would say that sounds like a difficult situation. (full stop period) And sounds like you need to talk to Bob. Indirect communication specific to the situation. But advice how to fix it is impossible. If I find myself giving advice, the urge to intervene, it is perfect advice for me. Catch the thought and look at where that might benefit self. If I act from my pain or fear I will not be happy with the results.

michael explains “getting out of the state of trance”. Reality verses Actuality.

What are we here for? We are here to be Love!

Unity of Blue Water in Port Huron, MI – michael will be doing the Sunday Morning Service, 10:30 EST – please join just a few minutes early. Will stream on facebook as well.  Here is the link to the Zoom meeting:  Or if you want to just open up Zoom on your device and enter the meeting ID number, it is 860 1841 2158.  Below is a link to our facebook page:  And our website is

Caller Celinda, asked about Khooba, michael explains the corollary to Rakma. See the filter diagram

Question emailed from Kenya, I know our spirits are eternal, and that our bodies are a temporary vessel that holds them. But where do they go after death: do they just get absorbed into some Oneness or do they retain their individuality and recognize each other in the beyond? Jeanie spoke of in the scriptures that Y’Shua and Moses and Elijah (who had been out of their bodies for years) were having a meeting and the diciples knew who they were so they were eternal and in a recognizable form. michael added clean up the loss and grief within us and it opens the higher recognition and direct knowledge (intuition is clearer when hostility and fear are removed, emotional noise quiets and still small voice is heard).

Caller Stephen Andracki, asks about a child experiencing the active presence of love through touch.

August 21



Dr Tim talks with Caller Yolanda

Caller Jack.

An aspect of the state of Being is Compassion.

Caller Dr Andracki, continue the conversation of the need of touch as infants to flourish. Move into adulthood, the need to have touch and affection and sometimes this goes off track. Spouse / partner or Client / Practitioner. It is a big commitment to maintain Love regardless of what goes on in my world.

Caller Ann, touch was major issue for her growing up. She believes what was said would work. What she is doing in her home she has a plant and she talks to it and touches it and inhales / exhales and the Palm is growing. If she does her work first around not receiving then when she hugs her daughter if the daughter does not hug back then she will be neutral instead of upset. She has used the Responsibility Communication tool. And if she feels any negative emotion when not receiving back then that is her next work to do. michael asked can she be OK to have the same relationship with her daughter that she has with the plant and be OK to give and not receive.

Caller Susan, her daughter called and wanted to vent and said ‘it will be hard to forgive this person’ then Susan offered the tools and she said ‘I just wanted you to listen.’ Then she distanced herself somewhat. Wrote a nice email back but Susan felt shame, fear, disappointment, etc. michael offered doing it perfectly to be safe may be the issue. MindShifter: “It is safe and I deeply enjoy it when my daughter and others withdraw from me or reject the form of interaction that I offer.” Put specific names in the M/S i.e. Mom, Dad, etc. sounds like there were messages given to you about your value.

Tap into Zoom Support Group Meetings

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August 23



August 24



Dr Tim and Susan B discuss relationship. We need to wake up to what we allow to enter our eyes and ears. We can justify any level of abuse. Joyeux Noel, how in December 1914 the men at war in the trenches finally saw each other as men instead of enemies, breaking through the conditioning. Listen to the story of Christmas in the Trenches It is our awareness of the unity that is missing.

Can’t keep believing the negativity and break the pattern. Living in peace requires breaking the pattern.

michael told of a mentor/student/friend who was an optometrist and had a technique of shining light into the eye at different angles to activate different areas of the brain. “Your brain is the most complex, mind-blowing organ in the universe. It is estimated to have over 100 billion neurons (also called nerve cells or brain cells), which is about the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.”

Unity of Blue Water, Huron, MI Sunday Service yesterday with dr. michael ryce

michael shared having to do a little work on ‘missing Arya’s presence’ this week. She knows she is here “To Be Love” Going into the AWESOME twos.

Become a true conscious creator by sourcing from your higher beingness instead of from your genetics all that is unlike love. Giving up of Being is the first death. Develop the skill of removing or forgiving from the generational database. Y’Shua said to he/she who overcomes will not taste the second death (the body) but become a pillar and will go out no more.

Caller Tim B, how do you know the issue is generational verses being from your childhood? michael said practice develops the faculty of intuition. Discernment comes.

Caller Roma, had not heard michael speak of Napsha (Soul or Being) and Adamos (red clay or body-mind unit). She has been more ‘no-mind’ and now needs to bring it into the form.

August 25



Dr Tim and Susan B discuss being ‘active, present love’ and experiencing the oneness and expression of life. Chapter 7 & 8 from the book A Course of Love

michael shared a conversation with Peter in Sweden. He read an article ‘Why Runners From All Around the World Have Joined This Guy on His 40 Year Streak’  Peter has chosen to be on a ‘worksheet streak’ of 5 worksheets/day and hopes to inspire others to do it too. Worksheets:

Caller Celinda, loves listening to this show and appreciate everyone. Susan B.’s life parallels hers and is getting so much from her conversations. Asked about the service on Sunday. Jeanie will put it on the website once edited.Can also watch at

Celinda spoke of her need to survive, why she was neglectful towards her own relationships. Disengage the tentacles of control. Adrenals and thyroid overwork being the victim, operating from dependent child state, needy. michael shared the story of a mom cutting a picture of the world up for a puzzle for her child to put together and she did it so quickly the mom asked how she did it. The child said she noticed there was a little girl on the backside and once she put the little girl together the whole world came together. (great metaphor)

Discussion or Rakhma and Khooba filters – Love. When both are active it is what was called Perfect Love (casts out fear).

michael shared how his birth family has not embraced the work however when a family member is in a challenge they call michael. They see the results but they do not do the work. Just keeps putting one foot in front of the other regardless of other people accepting it.

Relationship substitution – when a person violates an important goal held for another’s Power Person – the person will appear in perception clothed as the other’s PP. Challenging to get out of that file. Must clean up the goals held for the PP or they will never get out of that PP file and the honeymoon is over (out of CoDependence to InterDependence workshop/intensive)

My Commitment

Commitment to Self

August 26



Dr Tim shares stopping yourself and saying OK the story I am telling myself is…..

Everyone is doing the best they can in each moment with whatever resources they have. May not be true but the more I practice it the better my life becomes.

Caller Roses. Thanks to Dr Tim. She teaches Attitude Improvement Motivation AIM – from Emotional Maturity Instruction by Dan MacDougald. Teaches 36 words based on divine law. She would love to tell Dan MacDougald’s story .. it needs to be written. michael gave her some information on the Khabouris and Dan’s family.

Caller Celinda asked more on Rakhma and Khooba. michael invited her to spend 5 minutes per worksheet. Discussion of getting sidetracked by going into too much detail or going off on a rabbit trail or need to include all details and ‘figure it out’. Jeanie shared a person at an intensive who wrote pages and pages on each step of the worksheet and never completed a worksheet. And that it is common for people to go off track mid worksheet instead of sticking to the specifics. The Course says the truth can’t be spoken in words. Words are symbols. We need to have a real experience not talk about it.

Caller Ann shared when she started it would take an hour to do a worksheet and she is down to about 15 minutes. michael offered it is critical that we quiet the noise until there is space to hear the guidance. Re-minded or re-being? She is working with Julie now to make progress instead of perfection.

michael read from A Course in Miracles Lesson 184 The Name of God is My Inheritance, “9. It would indeed be strange if you were asked to go beyond all symbols of the world, forgetting them forever; yet were asked to take a teaching function. You have need to use the symbols of the world a while. But be you not deceived by them as well. They do not stand for anything at all, and in your practicing it is this thought that will release you from them. They become but means by which you can communicate in ways the world can understand, but which you recognize is not the unity where true communication can be found. 10. Thus what you need are intervals each day in which the learn­ing of the world becomes a transitory phase; a prison house from which you go into the sunlight and forget the darkness. Here you understand the Word, the Name which God has given you; the one Identity which all things share; the one acknowledgment of what is true. And then step back to darkness, not because you think it real, but only to proclaim its unreality in terms which still have meaning in the world that darkness rules.”

message from Sunday Service is on our site now

August 27



Dr Tim talks with Susan B and looking at the level of her upset around her grandson being hospitalized for suicide watch.  She can help her grandson more by staying present and doing her work and holding the space for him. Her son Jonathan and his son (Charlie) are home and will talk to them later.  Mindshifter: “It is safe and healing and peaceful for me to allow Charlie to do whatever he needs to do and to calmly accept it.”

michael said the chaos this situation brings up in you (Susan B) can be cleared by doing your work and then you hold the space of love to help him to develop clarity. Moment of silence.

Caller Michele and a client Mike. He is writing a paper on religion comparison of English to Aramaic. ‘Sin’ is off the mark and ‘evil’ is off target and incomplete.

Jeanie also directed him to and sent a email to Michele with a paragraph out of the 2020 version of Enlightenment

michael explained the Power Person dynamic. and why we do behaviors

August 28



Caller Michelle talks to Dr Tim about what if the tools don’t work. Part does not want them to work because being the victim is life. Would feel better if he died because she could not control that and he would be gone. Dr Tim asked her to look at what she is making it mean. He is gone what difference is it if he is alive or dead? Want to be as good at healing as I am at hurting. She said she is glad to have the tools.

Caller Tony Hendrick said he had stopped using the tools thought he was confused but his mind would take him on a tangent, but listened to Wednesday’s show talking about a 5 minute worksheet. He is glad to be back using the tools. (Michele said she and Tony need to start another Support Group)

Caller Celinda, asked to go through a 5-minute worksheet. Her mind is preventing her from ‘cutting to the chase’ michael explained confusion is part of the process. And he spoke towartds the healing crisis. Worksheet on forgetting about teaching a yoga class. The emotion is shame, the thought is I am no good, useless, helpless, worthless, irresponsible, self-centered (all are different worksheets). This turned into a hydra. Punishment to beat myself up. Being approved or being perfect, being appreciated or loved for who I am is the root. In step 7 she offered them approval, acceptance and love for being who you are.

August 29



August 30



August 31



Dr Tim gave Michele a MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to do this work even if it is never going to pan out, even if I am the one unloveable person on the planet.” If you hold it is not safe then you will draw proof for your belief. Dr Tim offered you are putting a correlation between doing the work and the horrible things that have happened in your life. Michele said she was suspicious. Dr Tim said that is superstition – there is no cause and effect. Dr Tim has seen people come to the Support Group and start doing their work and make the choice to move into healthy relationship and the unhealthy ones leave. And they quit doing the work because their ‘friends’ leave and they blame the work. Lisa added she wants relationships that are peace verses the drama and trauma. Dr Tim added mutuality – the other person is choosing to be love in your presence too and takes responsibility for his own creation. Lisa said Michele is using her mind to ‘try to understand / figure it out.’ and being ok to not know. Dr Tim encourage Michele to review Friday’s show, and it is ok if you don’t.

Dr Tim offered there have been events in his life that he would not wish on anyone (ie sickness, loss) and he cannot imagine being able to go through them, and remain a more peaceful person, without these tools.

Caller Susan B., referred to Tina Louise Spalding said she channelled Jesus talking about wearing a mask. He said this is her mind (EGO) saying she can’t wear one because because… live according to your inner beliefs. Then talking about separation is not real, and not considering the other people. Dr Tim refers to Guy Finley, there are individuals and yet one energy. If I am functioning as the assended masters, walking through walls, etc. then it is ok to drink poison. But until I can do all that other stuff it would probably be best to not drink it. Look at the whole body of work instead of pulling one statement out on its own. Discussion of whether Jesus was married or not. Dr Tim asked what impact on your life would the information be if you found it to be true or false?

michael offered sounds like your guidance is telling you to let TLS go so listen to your guidance. If I am guided to do something then I want to bring it back to ‘Can I do it from a space of active love?’ or ‘Is what I do bringing me back to love?’

ACIM text section 7 about the EGO and the incredible can’t be understood. To unwind belief, we must recognize there is the World of actuality and then everyone lives in their own world (Reality). Bring everything into alignment with love.

Caller John W., had health issues since February. michael directed him to Breathe deeply and let himself ‘feel and the thought of losing control’ … there are people here to support you when you hit the lows and despair and you move to the next layer. He said he knows Love is what it is about but sometimes he feels so far away from Love. He wanted an answer from the surgeon but he just keeps going on and on and he wants it over. Suggest StillPoint Breathing session. It is not ‘Dr Feelgood’ to go through the layers but the energy that went in has to come out. John asks ‘what have I done to deserve this?’ michael said ‘I forgot who I was and got lost in the dynamics of my family and culture.’ not right or wrong. Worksheet on self-hatred. John said he realizes he would not think of putting a bullet in his brain if he did not have self hatred. michael told John to get professional help as soon as he gets off the phone if there is serious thoughts of killing himself, Call Michele. John said he used to not know what Love was, he was a shell of a person most of his life. Embrace it and hold it from the space of active love.

Caller Tony H., theme of today resonates with what’s in his thoughts, 4 years ago their MindShifter group stopped and he also stopped listening to the show and he quit doing worksheets daily. Then he listened to last Wednesday’s show and heard the 5-minute worksheet conversation. He started up again daily and some on ‘not knowing what to believe’ and then worksheets around worksheets. Then when he called in Friday he heard Michele’s voice and that was nice. He heard someone talk about community and expanding the light. He is listening and trusting.

Perception is always a reflection of the content of our own mind but we turn it into pictures and believe it is outside of us. Information resonated from the past (hostility and fear) overlay on the present event. Get to where you can have input from the present world and from a state of love discern what is true perception.

Caller Jack, about AA and NA and Al-Anon

Caller Celinda, asked about funding for the Khabouris Manuscript. michael told about Dan MacDougald Jr (Yonan Codex Foundation) and himself funding it and the original translators are gone so would need to find another team with the same understanding. Never by the government funded.



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