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March 1



March 2




Quote: “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, most of which never happened”   -Mark Twain

Caller Linda W. observed thoughts create. What can I do when I see people suffer.  Dr Tim said move into a heart energy of joyful, loving and peaceful energy. Refer to Pierre Pradervand

Caller Jurate. Strength Storming – seeing the highest and best in another and verbalize it.

Caller Tracey in NV where should she start in intensives. Wants to teach her son too, he has PTSD from Iraq.  michael said high percussive explosions causes brain damage, they are repairable without drugs. Introduce him to the wake-up sheet to cancel the excess goals and relieve the excess stress. The CoDependence and Communication Practicumintensive.

Caller Ron B. early impressions – thumb prints. Children show us what we need to heal and stand as love for.

March 3



Dr Tim discusses with Susan B. I wonder if I use questions to keep from doing my work. An addiction or distraction. Rainer Maria Rilke says “Live with the question.” To comprehend the answer to a really good question. Krista Tippett expresses the same.

Caller Michelle P., read a page from “21st Century Super Human” by Cary Ellis, responsibility for bringing mind & body & soul in alignment.  Suggestion for interview Alyssa Malehorn

Caller Tonya (new to work) Jeanie explained the newborn essence of Love and what forgiveness truly is, not pardoning.  Tonya said a man came into her life and is crazy-making. Triggers fear of abandonment and trust issues. Two months of feeling jerked around and does not feel like herself. She considers herself spiritually advanced and drinks lots of water and eats organic. Lack of control – felt like a tazmanian devil. Jeanie added we bring to us who and what we need to heal. michael acknowledged her for the awareness that he ‘triggered’ her not the cause and she is in a vitalized state and can go to a new depth. Addiction to drama, always there in childhood. Embarrassed. michael walked her through a brief example of a wake-up sheet and forgiveness. She wants to spend time with him and he is busy. michael asked in childhood was there loss? Her best friend died when she was 14, her parents divorced when she was 12, Dad in prison now. Neuropathways.  michael acknowledged she has a leg up from most people who are introduced to this work. She said he is happy and well-adjusted but also eats the SAD diet and not in the same spiritual space. Yet she doesn’t want t olive. michael said she is ‘seeing’ out of the eyes of self based in trauma and pain and when she gets through this and taps back into the Love she is, her Being, she will see everything differently. None of the experiences have touched the real you. Like clouds hiding the sun, but it is still there. Download app. Been cleansing and meditating for a decade.

Caller Ann M from FL, letting Tonya know we are all here to support her. And as we process it is not ‘Dr Feelgood’ yet it gets easier and faster to move through issues. Relief.

michael said everyone is back home and safe from LOL. Darren stayed over an extra day and said he noticed the ’emptiness’ when everyone left.

Hold the space for Chuck as he is enroute to Mexico for an update on his healing process.

Lisa did such an awesome job with the food that it was as if Ari was still with us, we honored Ari.

Bob in Australia started a group “Gift of Depression”

March 4



Two hour show began 1 year ago today!

Caller Susan B. discusses the pain and fear she feels. A habit of thought. See everyone in their whole and perfect safety. Chapter 25 of Course in Love, Devotion.

Caller Magda update on Chuck

Caller Peter – likes the strength storming exercise. Seeing the highest and best in self and others. The belief or thought: Stand out or die. Is belief systems intertwined with personal codes? MindShifter: “I deserve to be honored, cherished and approved of just because the breath of life was put in me.” and “I deserve approval even when I am wrong.” Peter came up with “They deserve approval even when they are wrong.”

March 5



Caller Julie from Oregon

Caller Jack in Asheville

What is the definition of a full life?

Intensive What’sApp Group open to anyone who has done an intensive.

Caller Patrick Quinn shared the vitality he came home with from the LOL intensive. Feels like it is ‘here to stay.’  He said he felt more vital than he had in a year.  He is at dialysis and the nurse said her big issue was being in guilt and he shared with her how she could release that. michael said guilt is condemnation of self, realize one can remove thoughts on belittlement and condemnation. Then with a clear mind can recognize behaviors off-base and change those behaviors.  Authorities want to implant guilt toward behaviors and yet that amplifies the desire for the behavior. Guilt comes first not after.  Loved the food Lisa did. Awesome group of support (and triggers).

Forgiveness wake-up sheet: you can print it out, do it online or download app and do it on the phone.

Caller Roma, did worksheet on marriage, did not trust, disillusioned, her goal showed her that ‘love and grief’ were connected.  Marriage is a sacriment. Explain Step 6 more fully “when have you not fulfilled the goal?”

Caller Susan B, michael suggested yesterday that she tell her grandson that he has the wisdom within himself to heal. She drove him to school (30 min ride) this morning and she had the opportunity to say that to him and he was excited to know it and went to sleep immediately. Is there something else to add to that? michael offered he went unconscious (sleep) and was processing the unconsciousness (while she just held the space). Will awaken the part that knows.

Explain what a cold is and what to do… michael discusses hardened mucus verses liquified mucus in release process. It is cleansing. Don’t suppress a cold – stuff the snot back in?

Caller Jack acknowledged the live enzymes in the raw food when he visited during the intensive. EarthFare went out of business but perhaps Ingles will create something comparative.

michael spoke of the ingredients in the Quantum Chocolate used in the smoothies during the intensive. We have been given a supply as a HeartLand fundraiser. $15/lb bag. contact if interested.

March 6



Dr Tim reads from The Course in Love

Caller Susan B. discusses with Dr Tim both focusing on the positive but being willing to pick up the worksheet and breathe and ask to be shown. Actively practice. My experience in life is my creation in life.

Jeanie asked for an update on Susan’s grandson (will be Monday update). Abraham Hicks says get ahead and form yourself, get in the higher vibration. Tina Louise Spalding channelling YShua. Many good things going on. michael said he thinks it is the sign of critical mass. Time for change. A reset to Love. Marianne Williamson dropped out of the Presidential race but she injected a lot during her campaign.

Caller Tim B said he had an awesome meditation by himself at church.

Grady Love has set ZOOM meetings for LOL group to do the homework and the first meeting is this Sunday, March 9th at 6:00 pm EST to last 60 minutes.  A ZOOM invitation will be sent to all attendees.

michael directed people to the forgiveness process (online, print out, App)

Caller John Martin, been in the hospital and had to do worksheets on people not coming to see him.

Four ways to Listen LIVE to this show

Caller Ann in FL shared from her experience doing LOL from home.  michael shares a scene involving a telescope and an aboriginal from “The Gods Must Be Crazy” – how did you get all those people in that tube? We make up primative things based on appearance too. Time to wake up to who we are.

March 7



March 8



March 9



Dr Tim had a discussion with Susan B. on The Course in Love – ask to be shown at deeper levels. Sit with it. Not going to get it in a flash.

michael spoke of the documentary What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy ( about a human-rights lawyer who has conversations with two men whose fathers were indicted as war criminals for their roles in WWII – Nazi Governors and consultants to Adolf Hitler himself. One was glad his father was hanged and saw him as guilty, the other saw his father as loving and could not bring himself to believe he was guilty.

YShua said ‘Fear Not’ regardless of what is going on (ie the fear of the COVID-19, coronavirus) – be aware but not adding the energy to it. Strengthen the ability to stand as love.  Remember reducer organisms go after the weakened not the strong.

Caller Roma spoke of her meditation of bringing in the white light to protect us. Reminded michael of the Carly Simons’ song “I haven’t got time for the pain”

All those crazy nights when I cried myself to sleep
Now melodrama never makes me weep anymore
’cause I haven’t got time for the pain
I haven’t got room for the pain
I haven’t the need for the pain
Not since I’ve known you
You showed me how, how to leave myself behind
How to turn down the noise in my mind

Chorus: Now I haven’t got time for the pain
I haven’t got room for the pain
I haven’t the need for the pain
Not since I’ve known you

Suffering was the only thing that made me feel I was alive
Though that’s just how much it cost to survive in this world
’til you showed me how, how to fill my heart with love
How to open up and drink in all that white light
Pouring down from the heaven

Caller Ann in FL thinks her body is trying to protect her against metal in her tooth. Conversation with holistic dentist about removing it.

Bruce Lipton’s work and the forgiveness work.

March 10



Figuring it Out never works until you apply the tools to get at the emotions underneth it. Course in Love – I don’t know anything truly. It is my belief in what I think I know that creates perception.

Dr Tim talking with Caller Lucy, memories get triggered and emotions fire. Dismantle enough of the energy still being carried about the event. Use 3-Early Memories exercise. Catch yourself in the tension and realize you are trying to ‘figure it out’ – create a prison and am even more stuck than when I asked to be shown.

Jeanie requested support if you run across anything on the website that does not work drop me a note with the URL to and I will get it fixed.

Critical Mass – when enough people rise to BEING then everyone will rise. Y’Shua referred to ‘a little leavening leavens the whole loaf’

Caller Magda, Chuck’s surgery went well, in Springfield MO, his ascending colon had the cancer and was removed this morning, thankfully the cancer had not spread further. Ask the community to hold the space for his recovery. Will be in hospital for 3 to 7 days until his body begins to function again.  Now to move the emotion out with further work.

It is an opportunity to look at how this energy system works. What shows up in physiology is effect – can’t change the manifestation by changing effect, must change cause. ‘In the beginning was the mind-energy and the mind-energy became flesh’ The surgery has removed a load off the tissue but now the deeper work is to be done. Thoughts become a molecule in the body (Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion).  michael shared doing your work and getting to the point of being and understanding, he experienced a brief moment and then was told if he was not ready he would burn up this body and so he continues to do his work.

Caller Susan B asked about Frequencies.

Caller Magda suggested michael operates from that higher space many times and perhaps does not recognize it.

Caller Joan, making Ari’s Beet and Carrot Salad, does not have chili flakes or mustard powder. michael said maybe Spanish Paprika. Jeanie said maybe use Dijon Mustard instead of mustard powder. Also, got a call from a trustee at Unity and wants her to do more healing teaching.

March 11



Reading Chapter 28 from A Course in Love, the realization of who you are can be accomplished. Encouraged to be attentive to your listening.  Call for a dedicated call to Will.

Caller Julie in Oregon talks with Dr Tim about being blocked in doing worksheets.

Dr Tim explains ‘the scape-goat’ in a group, focus on them ignores own issue and builds a prison to keep from resolving that issue in self. Safety in the group disappears because people are afraid to speak up in case they become the next scape-goat.

Reminder of Thursday Support Group – info on MindShifters Academy

Julie said she was procrastinating making time to do the worksheets because fear.  Jeanie offered procrastination is having too many goals and your mind says I quit. She likes the isolation and yet feels abandoned. Have to be perfect to not be abandoned. michael offered the link from one thing to another is a hydra. The shaking and feeling paralyzed. Look at the goal you hold in abandonment? I want them to come back for me..parents, community, boyfriends, loved ones. She buys into that she is like a leper so they have to stay away. Fear, grief and loss. (Tapped back into being a child and her parents locked her in her room for 4 days.)

March 12



Dr Tim reads from A Course in Love, chapter 31, interact with brothers & sisters, get to know them to see what you have in common (shared experiences). In extreme uncertainty, mode of behavior to know what to expect. Teacher & Student and Parent & Child are different, learning goal. Process of creating the 9-bit mind image of them.

Discusses with Susan B. ‘making amends’ from AA. Every person I interact with is my teacher. “What to expect” seems a broad span of possibilities with her friend.

michael offered this work is to change the game of life.

Laws of Living Course has expanded from to 17 days residential intensive and 70 days of homework – may put together a 16 week / 2 hr session online video course.

Coronavirus – wash your hands and be aware but let go of the fear. Nothing ’causes’ the fear in you.

Holding the space for Chuck B. and Patrick Q. who are both in the hospital. Also, Julie and Magda and Kathy as care givers.

some BlogTalk issues calling in.

Question from a LOL participant “How do you get all the homework done?” we are working on a plan with timeframes to send out to participants which will help keep you on track. It does take commitment because there is a lot to do. Look at your Purpose Statement and what consumes your life?

Caller Julie in Oregon still has work to do but has moved forward and is restored to Love (reset Rakhma). Love exchange with self. Feels up-to-speed.  We add putting hand over your heart as well as over the heart of the person exchanging with (or on your reflections heart).  Julie said she ended up with 15 worksheets yesterday.

Y’Shua said ‘Let thy eye be single and thy body will be filled with light.’ It is creation, focus on one frequency more than others and you will bring it about in form. Focus on what you do want instead of what you fear. Y’Shua said “Fear not.” Waking up is key in the healing process.

Zoom Conference for LOL participants on Sunday evenings at 6:00PM EST for 1 hr. Will begin 10 minutes early for those who want to chat then the Support Group will start on time and end on time and will have a few extra minutes after for those who want to chat again.

March 13



Dr Tim

Caller Julie asked for explaination of LOL Session 1 Series 5 question 2: “I do not create out of the “way I want it,” my goal, but, rather, the power to create lies in the root of my perception, resonated by my goal, which becomes the “way I see it!”   Answer is True.

The suggested time spent to complete LOL homework is incorporated in the Mind Goal Management Sheet (Thanks Darren and Grady)

Caller Grady, ‘gnawing’ on the words. Awaken faculties. Personal Code automatic behavior. We must integrate choice to do it differently. Does PC ever really change? Using the tools you can make changes. Dual process, my PC has some generational things that direct CBM but BEING is still there.  Napsha or Soul.  Love is the ‘still small voice’ within the raging world’s voice.

Refer to the Creator made the human soul (Napsha or Being) and then God created the human body (Adamos or red clay) and then breathed Napsha into Adamos. Then an imaginary story of a conversation between Napsha and Adamos. Negotiated settlement: when survival is involved Adamos is in charge and when things are ok then Napsha has choice.  The degree of survival is an emotional meter of 7 and choice runs until emotion hits 7 then Adamos (CBM) takes over to survive. We need to change (rewrite) the survival data and be able to run from the state of Love (Kingdom of Heaven). At what point does it tip so we do not function in survival but live consistent with the presence of Love?

March 14



March 15



March 16



Blog Talk technical issues.

Caller Roma self-quarantined with her cat. Doing great.

Chuck is home and doing well. Patrick is heading home probably today.

Caller Susan asked about the LOL videoing michael spoke of the other day.  Will be an open study (people will register as they do for an intensive at HeartLand). Streaming via internet once a week for 16 weeks.

Discussion of numbers recited to create frequency to reject the coronavirus. Go to  for both the number (PDF) and listen to MP3 of the number put to music (thanks Susan Bingham)

Caller Jack in Asheville being self-isolated is a calming peaceful experience. Let go of judgement and interpretation.

Caller Chuck. Thank everyone for support.

Zack Bush, MD (medical doctor who shares his experiences when he has resuscitated people in the ER and they all said they were finally accepted and were enough just as they are and then all asked why did you bring me back)

March 17



Dr Tim discusses with Susan B. the focus is the creation.  Allow myself to step into the physical energetic conscious awareness of the abundance of life.  When you say you want something,  you actually just want the ’emotion’ you think that you will experience when you ‘get the thing’ (Guy Finley).

Caller Susan shared “A Course of Love” – free ebook  Also

Washing hands and cleaning door knobs etc. In the Course it talks about magic measures, all part of the ununified mind. Feeling excited about quarantine. An adjustment or correction to life. “Trust in Allah but tie up your camel” Muhammad

App called “Nextdoor” is a way to connect with the neighbors and be kind, assist others.

Caller Jack “whole hearted” but not there yet. Suggests book “Language in Thought and Action” by S.I. Hayakawa, Alan R. Hayakawa, Robert MacNeil (Contributor) and Stuart Chase (Quoted)

Skype caller Peter (Sweden) refer to the conversation Friday with Julie on creating out of our conscious or unconscious? Belief System is a reflection out of the unconscious dynamics in the mind.  Once I set a goal, the predominate energy is going to govern. Example: My belief system is that people treat me well but in my experience I have been mistreated. I can also create out of facts: if I understand the fact that I am created as love and only love and light can come to me. My belief can be in alignment with the fact or may contradict it. We want to weaken the beliefs that are not based in facts.  Do goals come from unconscious?  Many people recycle the goals but the mind was designed to be run from a state of being. Ideally I create out of BEING not the unconscious or belief system. Also, the topic with Grady on ‘gnawing’ – went on a meditation retreat and heightened his awareness of soaking into a space of love. Felt great (over the weekend) then someone came in late during the meditation and with his eyes closed his mind presented not very loving thoughts toward a lady who is often late and when he opened his eyes it was not even her.  Being aware of the shift in the state of Being. He did wake-up sheets – is it changing his Personal Code or his belief system or what? Shbag – cancelling the goals.  It is the goals set that brings information to awareness. The footprint is what needs healing.

March 18



Dr Tim discusses to be taught from something outside my mind and move forward. Did his Tuesday Support Group through Zoom (due to the virus issue). Living a Life of Surrender was the topic. I can begin to learn how the choices (or decisions) I make are responsible for my experience of life.  Enjoy the miracle of life or be stuck.  Just bringing our attention to “who am I really?”

Caller Lucy, triggered ‘ready for attack’ and recognizes it is generational from the war.

Caller Susan, shared her gratitude for these tools. Suggested perhaps doing ‘A Course in Love’ like you did the ACIM daily.  She and Tim B figured out how to do Zoom and did their Support Group that way. A lady called in and was in such dispair she was not wanting to live but after a worksheet she said she felt hopeful and worth living.

michael read from the closure of the Why Again book:

Life with tools is awakening and delight.  Information with tools is power.  Power with tools is service.Relationship with tools is inter-dependence.  Knowledge with tools is safety.  Commitment with tools is a blessing.  Abundance with tools is easy.  Health with tools is natural.  Learning with tools is education.  Ambition with tools is accomplishment.  A world with tools is peaceful.  Having tools and using them leads to aliveness.

Life without tools is sleep and hell.  Information without tools is impotence.  Power without tools is dictatorship.  Relationship without tools is co-dependence.  Knowledge without tools is dangerous.  Commitment without tools is hopeless.  Abundance without tools is loss.  Health without tools is impossible.  Learning without tools is chaos.  Ambition without tools is corruption.  A world without tools is war.

Having tools and not using them is life without tools.

Caller Grady shared the Dream Worksheet has opened a lot of thoughts. Found when he gets pieces of dreams he interprets as best he can, intuitive mode. Do we receive intuitively?  Every waking perception is our eyes showing us something outside of us is coming from the same place as our dreams. From CBM dissolve and allow the intuitive faculty come forward and inform me.

March 19



Frequency page has been revised

From Chatroom: Possible TOPIC: Learning various Correct techniques of BREATHE to calm the body/mind

Caller Susan B

Caller Jack

michael did a meditation of Light. Become the soother for the pain in the world. May the light in every cell expand out to every other cell. With your inner eye, look out and see the light in each cell in each person outside of you. Reinforce each other and strengthen it. Resonance is an action of energy, not a choice, so when you expand the Light and Love then it awakens it in everyone around you. Doubling in strength. Expand to your city, county, state, country, other countries, the world.  (MP3 of the meditation from today

Caller Magda, update on Chuck, not 100% but on its way. Great meditation. Assistance with worksheet on Dad not having consistant rules and not knowing how to please him or gain his approval – michael offered #3 myself to approve of Dad, for Dad to approve of me, for me to come up with behaviors that gain approval, for me to approve of me. Look at others who you have not approved of (especially men). MindShifter: I deserve _______’s approval just because the Creator put the breath of life in me.  MindShifter: I easily cling to Rakhma, the condition of Love, no matter how critical or demeaning the people around me become.  Ask: Rukha please help me reconnect, to keep Rakhma active.

Caller Julie H. if we hold someone accountable aren’t we judging them? michael said if we are connected and speak from a space of Love then we can observe the content of the situation and hold the other person accountable (ie someone owes me money I can hold them for repayment) and if I am in fear or hostility then I have work to do first.  Issue with accountability when more on emotional or behavioral side. They might niot have the same goal as I do.  Example, the Pagra is based on the Commitment and so if someone is raging and not being ‘loving, gentle or respectful’ and my emotions are triggered then I have work to do and then I hold them accountable for their ‘off target’ behavior.

Patrick went to dialysis.

March 20



Caller Susan B did a ‘teen’ worksheet with her grandson Charlie. Got down to goal and forgot what he was saying. Did this twice and then he got it. Enlightened goal to release. Her son said he was doing great since.

Frequency page has been revised again

Yesterday’s show meditation has been put on the website for download

Caller Jack

Caller Linda W. thankful for the LOL homework.  Mentioned the mist water and hairdryer to ‘heat’ sinuses, michael said Snopes said that was not accurate.

Caller Grady. Thanks for the answers on goals given this morning to the group.  Question: when working with framing, setting and cancelling goals. When a goal is cancelled is the framing also cancelled?

Update on Patrick Q and all involved in his process.

A question michael was asked on FB, most self-healing and spiritual work uses the term ‘unconditional love’ – suggestion to use “all-embracing love”.  It is the body (focus) of the phrase used that will resonate brain cells and that is what we create out of. Stand as a space of love regardless what happens in the world.

Caller Jurate shared her accountability work with Lucy and the questions that arise during homework. Thanks to all.

Caller Angie back in USA. Amazing energy in India, thanking michael for support and your availability to her in the moment. She published publically a letter referencing the behavior of a young man there.  No contact with JC since back, his energy has shifted. She realized her PC was to not speak up especially to authority or in conflict. michael said he can see many layers will surface out of this.  Continue on Wednesday show.

March 21



March 22





March 23



March 24



March 25



Dr Tim speaks of ‘self-care’

Exercise: rub fingers together and breathe and feel the energy.

Caller Jack

Caller Susan B.

continuation with Angie from Friday on the abuse that happened in India.

March 26



Caller Jack, Rex, Ann

Caller Angie

Caller Ann

Caller Rex

March 27



Dr Tim discusses not buying into the illusion of fear. Have no authority to heal anyone.

Caller Susan,

Caller Nene, shared her experience during meditation / breathing. Cancel the goal of having finances to support her family.

Bob from Australia in chatroom mentioned that the fear and panic are worse than the virus and pandemic. Focus on natural remedies to boost immune system and focus on peace.

Caller Jack

Caller Jen from Dayton OH. wordlink ‘neck muscles= relaxed’ and her therapist notices it has improved. Asks about psoriasis. It is elimination of toxicity. Suggest “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” by Bernard Jensen.  The skin just takes over when elimination is not otherwise working properly. stay connected to Source

Caller Bob from Australia reconnecting. Has a Facebook and YouTube called The Gift of Depression.

Aramaic Forgiveness process: Wake-up sheets online or download sheets or use the HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness app

Caller Roma shared a meditation and some thoughts around the pandemic.

March 28



March 29



 March 30



Dr Tim discusses with caller Lucy about learning from an experience and acknowledging it is an inside job. Emotional state internally, if put cause outside of you then you put yourself in a prison. Be lovingly gentle with yourself and sit with the overwhelm or fear and look at what inside you is giving rise to the situation.

The virus feeds on the weakened (food supply) we need to get back in harmony. Heal one’s mind and body.

Caller Susan B. if the virus is not ‘living’ then why do we wash our hands? Virus can change the cell which then reproduces the virus. Washing hands gets rid of the virus if it is on the skin. Antibacterial removes good bacteria too, thus soap is better.

Asked about the ‘elite’ running the planet? There is enough food on the planet to feed everyone to over-full but the distribution is off.  Distribution is run by greed (non-humans).  With this covid-19 maybe we are pulled back to basics and will find our humanbeingness. Difference in greed and need. Everyone should have enough and be secure. If you are in harmony with the energy of fear or greed then you add to that resonance.

Caller Tim B needed help with a worksheet on panic attacks when driving the interstate. Led to worksheets around his Dad. Needs to ‘retire’ and does not know how.

Caller Terry B. in NC important for people to open up to ‘where is this going to go?’ and watch it unravel. It takes time.

Caller Angie doing a wake-up sheet on the President and her present situation and what Tim B said about being forced. michael offered she has opened a can of worms and be aware that the violence in the past might reflect to violence toward herslef. Be gentle and take care of self.

March 31



Caller Lucy discusses with Dr Tim

Caller Magda, regarding powerful insight worksheets (highlight shows) are not the average worksheet. Might do many, many worksheets and then have confusion or move from anger to sadness or sadness to fear or might be calm and yet not have an insight. Day to day application of awareness that I create the experience of life.

Caller Angie, doing worksheets brought up memory of “being forced” all through life and not able to say no.  Even once as a child (just began menstrual cycle) and being thrown into the pool and being so angry.

MindShifter:”It is safe & healing for me to embrace and have life flow through me all of the time.”

Tyler held energy points as we all breathed with Angie.



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