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Radio Show Archive – May 2016

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“People tend to think of breakthroughs in medicine as a new drug, a laser, or a high-tech surgical procedure. They often have a hard time believing that the simple choices that we make in our lifestyle. What we eat, how we respond to stress, whether or not we smoke cigarettes, how much exercise we get, and the quality of our relationships and support can be as powerful as drugs and surgery. And they often are.”  and “When I talk about forgiveness, I mean letting go, not excusing the other person or reconciling with them or condoning the behavior. Just letting go of your own suffering.”  Dr. Dean Ornish

For over 35 years, Dr. Dean Ornish’s series of scientific research studies have been empowering the way millions of people think about the simple lifestyle choices they make each day in dynamic relation to their health & wellbeing.

Rukha (translated as Holy Spirit) has preserved our state of being as pristine.  All the drama and trauma cannot touch the being we are.

Caller Angie from Michigan needs help with wake-up sheet.  Whatever is moving in you is spraying on others around you, so when with a facilitator, i.e. Rex, is sitting there holding the space as you go through it, the energy tends to move easier.  Invite you to participate in the support group.  Also as you go through layers of healing you often hit a plateau then you’ll reach the next level of break through. Rex called in with additional input/question.

Chef Ari called in, offered to Angie that he has often hit that plateau too.  Cosmic Grease – the willingness – take a breath and recenter and it pops up what you need to work on.  Example when he has frustration coming up he can breathe and open willingness and move.

New abbreviated HeartLand Schedule now set from August 1 through September 13, 2016.  10-day Food Fun, 9-day Why Again, 3-day Personal Code Evaluation Training (for those who have completed Teachers’ Training or Laws or Living), 16-day Laws of Living.

May 3



How do you forgive?  Aramaic word translated as “forgive” is Shbag and literally means to cancel.  You can’t cancel (ie forgive) the other person or yourself that is murder and suicide….so, you cancel the goal you hold.  Thereby accessing what lies underneath.

Movie: Lost Horizon (1937) A plane crash delivers a group of five people to the secluded land of Shangri-La (lost place in the Tibetan mountains).  The main gentleman loves the utopia and his brother (same genetics) goes into hostility and wants to leave.

Caller Rex, extended a message from Chef Ari regarding his appreciation for this community.  Then Rex shared how he watched a movie and afterward was in extreme physical pain. He sat in the hot tub and a wave of extreme sadness came over him.  He let the tears flow and breathed and did tapping being present in the moment.  Willing to open and allow, on the other side (within 20-30 minutes) there was zero discomfort.  Amazing how the use of the tools and the willingness to go through it and what could be considered physical was vanished.  Worksheets on being Dad and you the son and then you as Dad and your sons – the pattern.

Dr. Tim offers a process ( to “Saying goodbye to good people without saying goodbye to good memories” go to for the pdf handout.

Caller Tracy in NC – can’t drive now her vision is impaired and she has such fear.  Finds herself as a “human doing” instead of “human being” and needs to figure a way to have support to move through this overwhelm. She wants to have her perfect vision restored.  michael asked “would you be willing to cancel your goal to ever see again?” she goes through the process and michael adds that there might be a part to let go of the perfectionist and she admits she is control freak 101. She then adds her statement of letting go of needing to know the outcomes in her life.  Self-loathing is an issue that comes forward.  Wherever the energy is stored is where the distortion will manifest and notice the language holds: had to “look” right, eyes had to “see” something pleasing, I did not “see” before. It resonated to do worksheets as my Mom.

Don’t turn it off. To hide it you press more energy in it.  Be in touch with those judgements and energies and embrace them fully.

May 4



(technical difficulty on BlogTalk’s end if today’s recording isn’t complete)

Recovery Wednesday!  michael discusses denial – blaming something or someone outside oneself instead of taking responsibility for their life’s creation.  Addiction is to keep fom looking at the truth about the situation and doing something different.

Gail offers some AA background around denial and how the 12-step model is based on talking about their own drinking and a physical allergy.  Then a solution is offered – all we can do is share our experience and then lay the spiritual tools at their feet and we need to be ready to teach them the rest of the tools when they are ready to quit drinking and make the needed change.  Compared to Aramaic forgiveness tools – we continue to do our own work around what and why we keep drawing instances into our life. Lead by example.

Dr Andracki joined us midway. He sees, regarding drug abuse / addiction, the biggest problem is for the people to come to a place where they see that there is something more for them instead of escaping their past the “easy way” and dropping into their addiction.  Request for Julie Haverstick to perhaps offer a different perspective of how to approach someone based on her experience with getting a child (from broken homes or abusive situations) to understand that there is something more to life …i.e. I Am Somebody, Commitment to Myself, etc.  Combination of various opinions/perspectives of the initial encounter, when people come to the point of having to make the decision to continue in their addiction or choose to do something different.  To begin with understanding they are more than their situation (Love) and capable of choosing life abundantly.

It takes time to build brain cells.  Need input from everyone to reach everyone to move forward.

May 5



Carl Jung quote: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” He also said: “We meet ourselves time and time again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.”

People have downloaded a false belief from the past and when triggered it creates their perception. Even according AMA, 90+% of all diseases are stress related. Yet people have not caught on that we create our stresses, thus create our diseases. Master reliever of stress is forgiveness.

Caller Magda asked about how to present this work to an atheist.

Caller Julie from Pahrump, asks for explanation of how the past generations impact us and is our current work on both us now and them back then? michael shared his experience of “road rage” and doing his work around it found it began with his great grandfathers’ rage now showing up in himself. Work through layers – it is a process.

Question on the impact of Mom wearing a breathing mask for the first several weeks of a baby’s life. michael explained it could be overshadowed by the love of the Mom. And if a Mom is in fear or anger that impact can be greater on the baby (mask or not). Then he explained the MindShifter process and offered Julie this M/S: “It is safe and healing and I easily embrace and heal all of the hostilities and fears that I saw/experienced my Mother expessing.”

We have begun a fund raiser in order to raise the needed cashflow to convert our videos and audios into the format to be uploaded to the Member Site for streaming.

May 6



Liturgy is not a particular custom or means “our common work” … so here we are as a community doing liturgy.

One of the most powerful gifts you can give another is to be aware of and hold the space of love for and with them no matter how deep the darkness is that they are currently stuck in. michael explained the “Love Exchange”

Dr Tim gave update on their Support Group last night.  They were watching a Guy Finley video and many times they pointed out the parallels to this work.  Finishing reading Matt Kahn’s book  “Whatever Arises, Love That” and the underlying message is the same.  Holding to Love.  Good advice for another is perfect advice for me.

Combination of ACIM What is the World and the forgiveness process.  38 minutes video done at The Namaste Center will be on YouTube by this afternoon.

Can someone hold the space of love for another if their own fear or hostility is active? Robert Heath at Toulane University did research, placing EEGs in the brain and it showed three filters (Love, Fear, Hostility).  We can switch from one to the other very quickly but only one can be active at a time.

Caller Ann, she gets a visual of her step-father when interacting with her spouse.  michael explains the Power Person dynamics and how she is the one who placed her spouse in that PP file and she must work towards removing him from that file. It requires healing the issues with the PP which are underlying the current perception of her spouse. Example of a PTSD flashback triggered to present activity, they literally see the unresolved flashback and builds a picture out of that memory.  Breathe and forgive.

We wish all mothers a wonderful Mothers’ Day on Sunday.

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Miracle Monday. Began by playing song “Blessings On You” by Oman & Shanti.  Talk today about ACIM: What Is The World? (Lesson 240).  When in Hostility or Fear the “world we see” is false perception and the content of our mind is being projected on what is out there.  Forgiveness removes the Hostility or Fear and reconnects to Love and then the world will be totally different.  Fundamental error of blaming others for what we feel.  We have lost sight of the real world.  Basic thesis of The Course is to learn true forgiveness. to see a mini What Is The World? video we did in Asheville, NC last fall


May 10



We hold to the truth that each person is LOVE.  Aramaic Forgiveness is the tool that will remove what never belonged in your system and return to who you are.

Hold the space for Monica as she transitions out of her body in the next day or so, she continues to do her work to be connected to Love even in her pain. And for her son, Branden, who is in prison and can’t be with his mom right now.  He understands he is where he needs to be right now and is graciously doing his work too.

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Caller Ron, said he has a playful way with his daughter…television tithing.  For every 10 minutes she is on television he gets 1 minute of her time to help him transcribe.  He feels he is ready for the next level.  Shared/processed he did a wake-up sheet on his own name being a sad sound.  michael offered when we hold violence within it will produce pictures of something outside of us that seems to deserve violence.  Realize it is the opportunity to forgive the violence within.  Offer kindness to expect kindness in return.

We watched the movie called “Sold” – a young girl was taken from her home and sold into sexual slavery.

May 11



Recovery Wednesday!  When you were held as a newborn – you were described as sweetness and love.  This work is about recovering that Being!  and removing everything unlike it. Often recovery includes overcoming the Power Person dynamics.

Dr. Tim gave us an update of his support group last night and going through the first half of Purpose, Personal Power & Commitment.  Discussion around how to know why we are here.  Sharing of how this work had led them into changes this week with primary family relationships.

Discussion of “embarrassment” around mentioning Y’Shua (aka Jesus) is actually about the terrible things done supposedly in his name.  This work is not religeous – Y’Shua taught physics, spirituality, psychology, physiology, just how the world works.  The 12-steps came out of the Oxford Group which also came out of 1st Century teachings.

Gail shared her morning spent with her 3 year old grandchild and the wonder of the sweetness. She has a check of “if I am feeling anything less than love” then she knows “it is on me” and a change is required. In 12-steps, character defects and short comings are what michael referred to Power Person dynamics.  She covered questions they are taught to ask when doing a self inventory to determine where they honestly are at the moment.

Caller Ron, is thankful for the recovery movement and the impact it has had on his life.  He is working with a MindShifter “It is safe & healing for me to be in a commited relationship.” and it resonated with himself and his career not his spouse or children. He has a ‘crusade’ mentality around fitness – he can “go to war” with himself until he gets fit.  michael offered it may replicate the PP dynamic…push, push, push until you are defeated…recognize there is a need to let go of the need to “battle” something.  Ron agreed that even in AA they speak about their hate of the disease instead of compassion and support in the process.  Surrender the tendency to beat up on self.

Gail offered working with the Vision Chart and the Commitment to Self to improve her vision.  Also, when breathing she has experienced blocks that could have impacted her “seeing” – i.e. sexual child abuse, falling off a changing table onto her head, etc.  Cleaning those up and her vision is improving. Caller Tracy asked about the Vision Chart. michael gave further explanation.

May 12



Light energy bounces off an object and the frequency goes into the antennae called my eye and based on my brain cells I create an image in my mind that I think I see outside of me.  I will perceive based on my own internal construct of what is outside of me.  Thee is actualtiy and then each one of us has a reality.

On Tuesday we requested everyone hold the space for Monica – she just passed away.   We are energetic beings – we are not the body.

Dr Tim helping one person at a time, one breath at a time.  Shared the experience of a woman client who had back pain and contributed it to overworking. He suggested there might be an emotional component that she needed to look at. As she told a sad story around her cat she tapped into some great emotion, recalling being about 9 yrs old and her dogs were abused by her step-father. Her back pain went away.  Awareness of the energy that one may have not wanted to look at,while another is holding the space, can heal with guidance of someone to hold the space.   (Dr. Sarno says back pain is unconscious rage)

And often times it takes multiple times to break through.  It is in layers and we cannot dig deeper than we have the vitality to face. Patience is a key.

Empowering support to go to the next level.  At the intensives there is vital food, separate from the world’s draw, safe space, and others doing their work – able to go deeper than in normal lifestyle.

Caller Gail, just hit a new level.  When she talked about her eyesight yesterday, she had hoped restoring her vision would be a one wake-up sheet deal.  She understands there are generations of issues around seeing.  She recognizes even as a child her vision was blurry.  She knows there are a lot of things “not safe to see” in her life.  There are times in her life when she can see 20/20 and she holds that as long as she can acknowledging that it is safe to see. It is a process.  MindShifter: “It is safe & healing for me to see and embrace every event in my life.”

Then she shared the experience of breathing someone and she felt that it was an awesome session but then the person expressed such disappointment which triggered in Gail that she was not doing it right or being perfect. Feedback was given by michael, Dr. Tim and Jeanie.

May 13



Awesome Friday the 13th.  Jeanie began the day processing and breathing a friend and has now been working on her book.  Stay highly connected and ignore the craziness the world puts on Friday 13th with horror films, bad luck, etc.

michael spoke of the DeLaWarr Psychotronic Camera used by Marcel Vogel.  It took pictures of frequency not light.  For example, take a picture of an acorn and turned to the right frequency an oak tree would show up on the film. You can read about it at

We are creative beings and given the ability to focus (our creation) and draw what we focus into manifestation, for example, that which I fear is going to move toward me and express in my world. When we hold Love conscious active and present then nothing else touches us.

Julie from Oregan called in.  Thanks to the gentle respect given yesterday in the passing of Monica Wilson (she was in an intensive with her in 2012). Then, regarding her fear to go deeper into her work it is out of not knowing what she would uncover.  Set-up for situation, her dog disappeared yesterday and she was fearful he might die.  She breathed and cried and grieved and then realized she was unconsciously deciding to not do her work and had allowed herself, through resistence, to become distance from others.  She wants close relationships with others but self-sabatoged herself into being alone.  michael offered to choose instead of letting CBM decide.  Work on Use of Will. michael shared about Monica calling a couple of weeks ago, being in confusion and fear about dying and not thinking she could heal herself.  michael told her she could stand in the face of death, pain and physical deterioration and be Love. The work she did these last weeks was awesome.  She healed herself even though her body left. Her courage was monumental.

Julie from Pahrump called in to check back in for an update.  She is in a bit of overwhelm.  Been rough this past week, something that happened in 2010 came back up (a sexual assault).  In the group she was asked to say something good about the guy and her response was “he is a hunk” and she shocked herself, covering her pain with humor.  She thinks she hasn’t been honest with herself even on her worksheets.  michael offered to look at the goal “to be innocent” and the guilt may come forward…perhaps a part of her invited the event and she hasn’t allowed that to surface.  If this energy starts to move and you hold back and try to “figure it out” and it will amplify the energy and draw more experiences to come. Allow what has been locked down to come forward and move out of tissue.  Not an easy process.  michael offered (for all of men) an apology that this even happens to any woman.  What is the pain? Physical pain or emotional pain?  It is emotional – become non-trusting towards people – feel like continuous defending self.

Can’t “effort” being Love…soften and let everything unlike melt away…all that’s left is Love.

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May 16



Miracle Monday. Began by playing song “Why Wait for Heaven” by Oman & Shanti. Theme of “the world you see” (continue from last week).  It is a judgment on yourself and distinquishes sight from vision.  Where do you turn to see the world?  Two directions (1) to the Mind of Christ (the mind of Love) or (2) to what is stored in your memory of the past.

Even the CIA  says “…perception is demonstrably an active rather than a passive process; it constructs rather than records “reality.” Perception implies understanding as well as awareness. It is a process of inference in which people construct their own version of reality on the basis of information provided through the five senses.”

ACIM Chapter 21 Reason and Perception: II “Responsibility for Sight”- everything you refuse to acknowledge you will not be able to access the root and make a change.

“This is the only thing that you need do for vision, happiness, release from pain and the complete escape from sin, all to be given you. Say only this, but mean it with no reservations, for here the power of salvation lies: I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked. Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you. Acknowledge but that you have been mistaken, and all effects of your mistakes will disappear.”

Dr Tim said the first axiom in The Way of Mastery says the same thing.

Caller Julie from Pahrump.  Asked about the “innocence of the assault she went through” and the “generational draw” and why would people be uncomfortable around one who tells about their abuse experience?

May 17



The mind is an evidential device – it only shows us the evidence allowed based on what one wants – our own Belief System (BS).

Dr. Tim shared the synchronicity in the messages heard from /with Guy Finley, Abraham’s work, Wayne Dyer.  The theme he has seen is still people blaming another for what they are feeling.  “They made me…” “They caused me to…” not taking responsibility for what is inside.  The culture conditions us to believe this is true.

Conversation from the chatroom – sympathy or empathy.  Someone else’s suffering may trigger my suffering but what I feel is mine.  Once I deal with my pain I can stand as the space of conscious active love in spite of what they are dealing with.  Guidance is always there when I slow down and ask.

Caller feels such loss since her mom died.  michael shared still “feeling” his Mom’s presence and she’s been physically gone for 3 years. Would love to hug her but still feels her and his relationship with her does not depend on her physical presence.  Do wake-up sheets around thoughts of loss and return to the grounded space where her presence is there.  Wake-up sheets around issues that were unresolved with her before she left.

Caller Julie, exciting report, value of keeping up her worksheet process.  Clearing and cleaning so higher mind comes through to stay on direction.  Also ACIM. Feels good to feel the safety in Love.  We can cut ourself off from the awareness of Love – called fear…or I can continue to bring the presence of love to the situation.

May 18



Recovery Wednesday! Description of the Recovery process is in this quote by GHANDI: “Truth, peace, righteousness and nonviolence do not exist separately. They are all essentially dependent on Love (the Presence of Human Life). When Love (Human Life) enters the thoughts it becomes Truth. When it manifests itself in the form of action it becomes Truth. When Love manifests itself in the form of action it becomes righteousness. When your feelings become saturated with Love you become peace itself. The very meaning of the word peace is Love. When you fill your understanding with Love, practice Love, think of Love, feel Love . . . all these values it is Love (having a Human Life) which flows as the undercurrent.”

This work alongside the 12-step Program.  12-steps have had a great impact on millions of lives – whether it is addictions to drugs, addictions to violence, addictions to over-eating, etc.

Caller Chris from Colorado, just found us on BlogTalk and it said forgiveness and it resonated.  Chris has several big issues to deal with and wants to know what can he do?  michael offered one can never “figure it out” in this kind of situation.  Then he explained the Power Person dynamic (usually a parent) and how our behaviors are based on learned behavior from the PP.  The issue described has to involve a tremendous amount of stress.  Stress is created by holding goals. Your goals may be I want to know if this child is mine, I want to be back in that relationship, I want to keep my present girlfriend happy, etc. So you come down on yourself which is probably a PP dynamic. Goals drive perception and perception holds the pain and trauma – so forgiveness is letting go of the goals. michael directed him to and click on the bulls-eye and do Wake-up Sheets around the goals. Energetically you are part of that child.

Dr Tim encouraged him to do this work so he can get into contact with his true nature especially because a child is involved.  Watch the power point presentation too…explains why one would at least temporarily cancel a goal.

This is a community of support – we are here to answer any questions Mon – Fri 1:00-2:00 and on our website there are multiple audios and videos and tools to assist.

Gail offered Chris praise for his courage to call in and hit 1 to ask his question. I heard Chris say he stopped taking the pills and was not the same person (not as bad as I was).  Does not matter if it rolls off, blows off or drips off the table – another choice for anesthesizing may come about.  We have a thought then a feeling and the pill or alcohol or whatever is to anesthesize our pain.  We have to address our thinking.  Find a 12-step program to offer support.

One of the 12-steps is about making amends.  How about making amends to self?  We make a list of people who we need to make amends to and some say our name should be first on the list.  Other “school of thought” is that we are making amends to ourself anyway in making amends to others.  Gail said she ses herself as a self-seeking, selfish inividual and to avoid the ego getting in the way she prefers the second thought.

Caller Ron from Massachusetts.  Asked for further explanation of making amends. michael said where damage has been done there is restoration with apologies however (in this work) we are creators and if we use the world’s apology it is “I’m sorry I did…” but I have taken my creative capacity and joined with their creative capacity and we both focus on what was done…become sorry people focusing on what is wrong and will probably repeat itself. Instead, “I apologize for … and in the future I will …” and this puts the focus of both on the positive future behavior.  Chances are more likely to change.

May 19



See the movie: “Papa Hemingway in Cuba” it is a perfect example of life without tools. He is a Nobel Prize, famous, loved etc yet when he gets stressed (and alcohol) he puts himself down down down to the point of suicide.  His professional life he is a star but his own personal life is garbage. One scene the power of active love stops him from killing himself and begins to write again.  However, because he did not remove the root of his problem, he temporarily let go, the problem rose again later and he did kill himself.

Dr Tim shares Guy Finley says “all painful conclusions are born of incomplete perceptions”  like michael says the universe is like a trillion piece jigsaw puzzle and we have only 5,000 pieces and think we know what the whole is about.

Harvard research says in a timeframe where 10,000 braincells fire (while there are 20 trillion bits available) and a maximum of 9 bits gets into our perception.,_Plus_or_Minus_Two

Dr Tim creates a new terminology to “dismantle the stuckness” to see the truth instead of one’s own false perception.  People are angry and aggitated and scared but are stuck where they are.

Jeanie offered the example of a horse with blinders…hostility and fear are our blinders.  Healing is enlarging perception.

Dr Phil calls in with an awakening.  He realizes his Dad was his Power Person, “you are doing it wrong, stupid idiot” then his brother who was 11 years older mirrored his Dad and came behind Dad kicking him when he was down. Now he is an energy worker and does great but when it comes to personal life or business the record plays that he “won’t get it right” and thus he can’t get ahead.  His stress is way up and he finds himself doing what his dad did and puts others down.  What does cancelling the goal look like?

Go to and click on the YouTube link on the right side and watch the 24-minute PowerPoint (thumbnail of michael’s book) and watch 34-minute ACIM What is the World? (thumbnail of the world).  DD Palmer’s book “The Chiroprator’s Adjuster”references the innate.

Rookha d’Koodsha (translated the Holy Spirit) is an elemental force in humans that will guide you and heal you.  She can do what we can’t do alone but we have freewill and have to invite her into activity.

Deprogramming the religion that is wired in. michael speaks of priesthood’s original purpose and how it has been degraded over time.  Further explanation about Y’Shua saying “eat my body & drink my blood” – and many left because it was “too hard”

Practice is what it takes.

May 20



We are all about understanding and sharing that understanding of the First Century Aramaic Forgiveness.  Quote by Carl Jung “What if I should discover that the poorest of the beggars and the most impudent of offenders are all within me; and that I stand in need of the alms of my own kindness, that I, myself, am the enemy who must be loved — what then?”

Dr Tim shared his Support Group experience.  He now does two a week.  Encourages anyone to start a group if there is not one already available near you.  And those who have a group, commit to stay with it regardless how many show up week to week.  Krista Tippett, On Being, interview with David Whyte on The Conversational Nature of Reality

Caller Ann, asked to go back to yesterday’s conversation with Phil. Having an accountability partner if not a group to support you.  She did a wake-up sheet on herself and could not get past the last goal, continued to breathe and then her accountability partner made a suggestion. In Step 7 her new goal was to use the tools to support herself in completing her tasks.  She realized she did not support herself and it went back to her Mom having to work and not being there emotionally. michael offered, when we plan to integrate a new higher idea into the system then one has to process through everything that is lower energy. She often wanted to quit because she wasn’t getting her goals fulfilled…sees the benefit of staying with the process.

Caller Maureen, going into classroom and introducing the forgiveness process before reading to the children.  She holds some concern that the teacher might be disppleased with her doing that process, she said he is quiet and it is difficult to tll if he was pleased or not, she is worried about the worst scenario.  michael asked her how it looked like her life not knowing if your Power Person was pleased or not and expecting the worse?  PP was withdrawn, perhaps because they were concerned about not being approved of. She sees she does the same with her daughters too.  MindShifter: “It is safe and healing for me to always presume that people approve of what I am doing unless they communicate otherwise.”  We offer thanks for your suggestions for the children (Inside Out dolls and Worry Eater dolls). Suggest Maureen contact Julie, author of Healing Children Loving Children, because she worked with inner city schools with these tools.

Caller Rex, regarding the primaries and publicity of the political issues, there was a survey of over 2,000 teachers about the televising of the arguments and stands taken and words spoken in the debates and the impact on children. There has been a tremendous amount of work done to reduce/eliminate bullying in schools but during this political process the bullying has increased exponentially.  Especially the children from Mexico (for example) that they fear they will be deported or killed.  We need to be aware and support the children – they are our future. They have given the situation the name “The Trump Effect”.  Then Rex shared an incident in his community, a young man depressed ad taken to local community mental health facility. As he understood he was rejected due to insurance reasons, the emergency hospital also rejected him. He jumped from a viaduct in front of a car and killed himself.  There needs to be a better support system for the kids.

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May 22



May 23



Miracle Monday. Began by playing song “Why Wait for Heaven” by Oman & Shanti. Lyrics from ACIM: “Why wait for Heaven? Those who seek the light are merely covering their eyes. The light is in them now. Enlightenment is but a recognition, not a change at all. Light is not of the world, yet you who bear the light in you are alien here as well. The light came with you from your native home, and stayed with you because it is your own. It is the only thing you bring with you from Him Who is your Source. It shines in you because it lights your home, and leads you back to where it came from and you are at home.”

“Matter” is a state of organized energy and what is back of and superior to “the matter” is what is the key. is today’s lesson, this is a free online access to ACIM with look-up feature.

Marianne Williamson streams ACIM on Wednesdays at 7:30PM EDT

Dr. Tim: Consistency in the application of the experience of my true nature as love.

Chatroom conversation on death being a sure thing?  Jeanie’s response, Y’Shua gave the example of removing everything less than love and being so connected he brought his body back to life after death. So following his path I must do my work on my stuff from day to day and whether I reach that ultimate goal or not does not really matter in regards to my needing to do my work towards that goal.  Life is the journey not the destination. Even if we die we do our work and open the pathway for the generations.

Caller Julie, the blame game began with Adam and Eve. Yes, the pattern is genetic. Explanation of the Power Person.

May 24



Look inside self.  Pattern of “blaming them” the outer directed focus must be changed.  Strengthen until it becomes a default habit.

Someone asked for an explanation of the difference between the goal in the middle of the wake-up sheet and the goal at the end of the sheet.  The goal in the middle is “for them” and the goal at the end is “toward them” – now looking to find a new conscious driver to drive perception of the object of attention.

Caller Shelley, could it take years for a goal to come to fruition?  In this work we say to only set goals for the next waking period.  Plans are in the future, i.e. 1 year goal, 5 year goal, 10 year goal.  Greatest complaint at doctors’ offices is stress…created by unachieved goals and all their resourcees are used up.  “Getting the Stress You Need” goes over the Mind Goal Management and setting goals.  Shelley said he has done some deep processing and is at a good place.

micheal explained Process Point.  One is living at a level of willingness and energy is moving continuously.  Some dynamics come up and appear alive and in the present moment but it is a memory of pain, do not have to get lost in it and recreate it.

Regarding an email received, someone is not wanting to do their work and they seem to be leaning towards dying.  Checking out of your body is no escape, you take that energy with you, never an easier time to work through and resolve something than right now.  A lot of energies are in our genes.  Bringing active love to the insanity instead of making the issues our identity.  “This too will pass.”  Our 9-bit mind creates the trauma that there is no way out but there is extreme ecstacy and joy on the other side, but we must continue doing our work. Dr. Tim offered, there is no guarantee that if I end my life that it will be better on the other side.  My own experience of moving through is often overwhelming and that is when we need support, don’t try to go it alone.  And get support early on instead of waiting until it is desperate.

Caller Ron (who has transcribed the whole 4-hr Why workshop) realized when he transcribed “Life without Tools” that he has LOTS of tools but the tools the culture has given us are destructive, negative and teaches us that we have to fight.  It takes effort to use the forgiveness tools but life is easier than not using the tools which doesn’t take effort but it is a hard way to live.  michael refers back to the movie “Papa Hemingway” who ended his life because he saw no way out of his dilemma.  So grateful for understanding these principles with his 11-year old and his soon to arrive newborn son.  To receive the “gifts” from the generations past and choosing to do things different instead of staying in the mire.  Great things happen in the smaller events, it does not require the major event to be a miracle or produce hope.

Caller Jackie, so blessed by Ron’s call and his sharing about his daughter.  She has learned to take one step at a time to move from the darkness to the light.  When you are in that dark place and see yourself as unworthy it is hard to see the light.

May 25



Recovery Wednesday!  Someone in pain attempts to resolve that pain through an addictive beehavior.  Addiction tends to keep one unconscious and the behavior prompts sneak in and takes over. Often there is remorse afterwards when they realize what they did during the “black out” period.  The 12-step programs and this work is about supporting people to use constructive tools to unload the behaviors and the emotions behind it in order to change the behavior.  There are many types of addiction to manage stress…food, sugar, alcohol, drugs, blame others & deny responsibility, busy-ness, figure-it out mentality.  We are “all doing time” if we are imprisoned in our own mind.  When the stress is up and the chips are down do you reach for tools or do you revert to some addiction to manage your stress?

Dr Tim reported on his Support Group last night, they watched “Intro & Advanced Understanding of ACIM” and the questions that arose were around what is reality.  Explaining “…perception is meant as an attack on God?”

Aramaic Forgiveness collapses the reality/ the perception and one can step into Being Love and can come to the point of dropping the addiction.

Caller Julie, regarding to recovery from addictions, she realizes her life addiction is about “evil” in both her perception and in the world.  She keeps her life “on an even kiln” because of her fear over the evil that is “out there.”  Sedating herself because of the fear and over-thinking everything.  michael offered that in Aramaic “evil” means unripe or incomplete and another meaning relates to sin (off the mark) where “evil” is missing the target all together.  Yes there is a lot of “off target” stuff on this planet. But instead of resisting or denying the dark and focusing on that aspect, we need to embrace it, be responsible for what is in ourself and bring our Love and Light to the dark and it disappears.  We become a presence instead of an absence and there will be a shift in energy.

Caller Roma, expressed keeping an autistic child for a friend yesterday and having fear about not doing it right and losing a friendship.  They had a lovely time until the last 3 minutes and the child pulled the fire alarm. Doing a worksheet on the issue being heart breaking – michael offered denial is when I think or speak as though something outside of me causes something in me.  “That” doesn’t cause anything in me (ie the broken heart).  The thing that is breaking my heart is inside myself and to heal it I have to acknowledge it is mine not say something outside of me “caused it.” She has been in seclusion to work on herself.  michael also offered that a person who has an autistic child has probably been pushed away by so many that she experiences a lot of pain.

May 26



If I find myself constructing a world where pain, fear, hostility are present then I need to be collapsing the construct – that is forgiveness.

Jeanie shared an email from a chiroprator in St Louis area, Dr. Phil, who asked about what happens when someone outside us really don’t care about us and they are determined to make us the cause of their misery.  She shared what she told him in response and then michael gave some additional input.

Caller Roma called in with a question about the video What is the World? and about the construct of our realities.

Some discussion of similarities between the Aramaic teachings of Y’Shua and the teachings of Buddha and taking this work to the temple near her.

we suggest watching – an experiment by Amnesty International, based on a theory that four minutes of uninterrupted eye contact increases intimacy. and breaks down barriers.  This is like the “Love Exchange” we do in intensives.

Caller Ron just left a meeting and offered to the group (of “big shots”) that it is all about waking up to make changes in life, whether it is changes in the food we eat, the way we think, etc. And found himself asking “who am I and why am I having this conversation with these people?”  There is a mentality that we are “less than” others and it is not true.  That belief probably comes from our Power Person and needs to be forgiven.

May 27



The impact of the “content in one’s mind” – why would I want to change my mind?  Ask the question, does it build one up or tear one down (integrative or disintegrative).  If disintegrative energy is in the tissue it will reflect as negative feelings and dis-ease. It would benefit one to remove (forgive) that which does not belong in a being created as Love.  Also, your content builds your perception and if the world you see is fearful, angry, painful then you can change it.

16 different video clips are being uploaded on our YouTube channel – they are mini clips from our newest 2 hour workshop “What is the World? from ACIM”

Caller Julie in Oregon, asked about changing our mind through hypnosis.  michael responded that we individually need to delve into our own unconscious and determine if we want to keep or release it.

Caller Lori in Utah, considered she was doing the work yet things are showing up in her physiology.  She feels she has walked into another person’s power person file and it is often a challenge to stay in the active space of love and set the filters.  She thinks she’s in a cycle with this other person and has such a huge amount of issues that she is being ineffective with the worksheet.  It is difficult to separate the intellect from the emotions and what is mine from theirs because we are so intertwinned.  She feels paralyzed when sitting in front of the worksheet and doesn’t know where to begin.  michael asked in the past has she ever thought she was paralyzed or ineffective?  paralyzed can be procrastinate, avoidance, overwhelmed.   The feeling behind paralyzed she identified as sad.  The goal woud be to be functional and effective.  michael walked her through more processing around this issue and she ended up with over a dozen ideas to work with.

Caller Nija in Maryland. Long time recovery from addiction, turned to metaphysics, looking for answers, she knows her dis-ease is unforgiveness – michael directed her to the wake-up sheet, can’t “figure it out.” michael asked her to describe the essence of the newborn, love is what you are not what you do. And explained to “not forgive self or others” that is pardoning.  Forgive (remove) the energy in you that does not belong.  Celebate for 14 years by choice to work on self.  Stop looking for others to “fix” me and use the tools.

Caller Ann in Ocala, saw some stress-relief “Dammit Dolls” in a gift shop and she is glad we have the Inside-Out Dolls and are presenting a different message.

May 28



May 29



May 30



Miracle Monday and Memorial Day! A day where we honor and remember those who have served our country, those who have passed on and remember who we are LOVE.  Began by playing song “Let Me Remember” by Oman & Shanti.  ACIM lesson “Let me remember what my purpose is”  Created in the image of God – God is Love – it is our very essence – who we are created to be.  Abandoning who we are leaves us insane.  Re-member: to become members again.

ACIM Lesson 50 “I am sustained by the Love of God.” it reads “Here is the answer to every problem that will confront you, today and tomorrow and throughout time. In this world, you believe you are sustained by everything but God. Your faith is placed in the most trivial and insane symbols; pills, money, “protective” clothing, influence, prestige, being liked, knowing the “right” people, and an endless list of forms of nothingness that you endow with magical powers.  All these things are your replacements for the Love of God. All these things are cherished to ensure a body identification. They are songs of praise to the ego. Do not put your faith in the worthless. It will not sustain you.  Only the Love of God will protect you in all circumstances. It will lift you out of every trial, and raise you high above all the perceived dangers of this world into a climate of perfect peace and safety. It will transport you into a state of mind that nothing can threaten, nothing can disturb, and where nothing can intrude upon the eternal calm of the Son of God.”

Caller Roma. michael walks her through looking inside at her fear instead of wanting to tell her story and fill the space with words.

May 31



We must put an end to blaming people (and things) outside of us for what we feel inside.  Aramaic forgiveness is the tool for removing the disintegrative energies from within.

Dr Tim gave an update on his Thursday Support Group and how powerful it was even when the number being small and encouraged others to continue with their groups when they think the attendance is too small.

Caller Rex, received info from the SPLC (the same group who sent the information on the Trump Effect that Rex shared on May 20th), realize we are getting closer to “critical mass”  Ask for michael to differentiate between thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Use the example of a fire, if my hand is close to the flame I have a feeling which is the sensation of heat, if I had a bad experience of someone being burned then I may also have the emotion of fear or terror along with the thought held around the facts of the event (i.e. that was a terrible event).  To “emote” is to take something internal and make it an external reflection.  Can you experience an emotion both internally and externally? yes.  Often people say “I feel…” but follow it with a thought not a feeling.  That is a way to not be in touch with what is really felt.  Denial and Confusion are two states of the mind.

Paul (Rukha Group) wanted clarification, the worksheet says to state your feeling linked to the thought but it does not address emotions. Feelings, besides external sensory, could also be attached to emotions.  Example: could fear be the feeling and anger is the emotion?  michael responded that anger is actually the drug used to anesthesize from the fear.  Perhaps we need to change the worksheet from feeling to emotion…will contemplate.

Dr Tim offered “I can feel a sensation of a pillow being soft and table hard” and “I can feel sensations following an emotion too”  A FEELING is the awareness of sensation (internal or external) and EMOTION is a chemical response (called a neuropeptide) specifically related to the reflection of energy placed on a thought.  Emotions and feelings are both generated by the thoughts.  A person can say “I feel heavy, stuck….as well as angry, sad”

Discussion of recycling thoughts and not really thinking.  EGO Edging God Out. For you to live you must die was for the BEING to live the non-being must die.



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