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Chapter 24 from WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME . . . AGAIN?!

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“Where do I start?” Richard asked.

“The best place to start is to be clear on what you are doing and why you are doing it. The people who really use these worksheets tell me that they become the best friend they ever had. Note, the emphasis is on using the tool. What the process does is give you an opportunity to confront directly the parts

of your mind

and life that
don’t work for you, the parts with which you might sabotage

“I feel a little resistance to that thought, michael.”

“You are not alone, nobody wants to feel their pain—until they understand.”

“Understand what?” Richard asked.

“Pain takes its toll even when it is not consciously felt.”

“How so?”

“Recall our discussion about pain ? Pain is the reflection of stored destructive energies. When people deny and restrict access to pain , the only thing they have accomplished is keeping it out of direct sight. Hidden or anesthetized pain is not removed from experience through denial or drugs. It is felt as the aches and pains of so called ‘aging,’ the twinge of emotional upset that floats in and out of our experience, the irrational outbreaks that destroy relationships , the ‘accidents’ that occur, headaches and body aches, degenerative dis-eases and the thousand irritations that subtract from the possible quality of life.”

“There is an old saying that the brave die once, the coward a thousand times. When you are fortified with actual tools to face and heal whatever is hidden, trauma and pain are dismantled and removed from life. As you do this work, you will find your enjoyment of life, your sense of well-being and your aliveness increase in proportion to the amount of Forgiveness you do. In the past , if life was lived without tools, most found that facing an old trauma meant reinforcing it and being powerless to change. The True Forgiveness process changes all of that. Shift happens!! The issues of life
can be faced and healed.”

“Okay, michael, I see the why of doing the Reality Management process , I’m not sure I understand the what.”

“The what is simple. If someone triggers anger, fear, rage , hate, vengeance, gossip or any other dis-integrative reality in you, it is your opportunity to heal yourself—not by letting them off the hook, but by changing the pain producing reality in your mind.”

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